12 Celebrity Stress Management Tactics That Actually Work

Celebrity Stress

Stress affects anyone, regardless of popularity, income, and social status. This is particularly true for celebrity stress, which is a more severe form of its manifestation. Living their lives so publicly has caused many celebrities a lot of stress. However, some celebrity management tactics have possibly become the key to unwinding and letting go of […]

10 Stress Management Principles to be Mindful of at Work

stress management principles

In today’s modern world, stress management is considered impossible. However, stress, and especially stress at work, can cause serious health issues, like tiredness and unwillingness. Stress is a silent killer, but a certain one as well. That is why stress management principles may come in handy. Stress Management Principles at Work Whether you work in […]

Top 7 Methods for Successful Stress Management in Workaholics

stress management

Work-related stress is a serious health issue affecting more and more people daily. Stress is omnipresent in our lives, but being a workaholic can seriously add to stress-triggered health issues. Whatever the reason behind it is, stress is not a matter to be taken lightly. Stress management for workaholics is manageable, and here we’ll list […]

EMF Threatens Sex Life Quality, Studies Show

electromagnetic radiation

A Link between EMF radiation and the Libido As we already know Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. We are surrounded by it, whether at, home, the office or in our car. Too much EMF exposure can develop a variety of threatening diseases. Such include low libido and different reproductive issues, which negatively impact your sex life. […]

EMF Insomnia Labeled a Serious Health Threat


Nowadays, many people find it difficult to fall asleep. Irregular sleeping habits, tiredness during the day and lack of everyday concentration can all be a direct cause of insomnia. How EMF Triggers Insomnia? Electromagnetic frequencies can have a seriously negative effect on the human body and brain. EMF decreases the level of melatonin in your […]

10 Natural Negative Ions Sources


Definition and background First, let’s talk about negative ions their natural sources and consequences on our bodies. Negative ions are simple oxygen atoms, which are picking up electrons beneficial to the human organism. Negative ions exist in abundance in nature, so you can find them easily. You can often locate them in large water surfaces […]

7 Far Infrared Health Benefits You Weren’t Aware Of

far infrared

FIR, also referred to as Far Infrared Ray is not the body heat, but the “warm” form of energy in every living being. This energy is normally emitted from the sun during the day. The intensity of this heat keeps changing continually. When FIR is high, we feel energized and are able to manage physical […]

An insight to top 3 healing stones (Red Jasper, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye)

Red Jasper is one of the powerful healing stones which is utilized to help with security, particularly safeguards from risk. It is utilized to shield from EMF and other radiation also. It is said to be exceptional for advancing survival and conquering survival issues. As one of the best healing stones, Red Jasper helps with hereditary/acquired […]

Attract more health with Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Tiger’s Eye healing stones

Amethyst has been believed to be a great solution for some infirmities. Many years back, some of the healing stones such as amethyst were saturated with salivation and rubbed on the face to get rid of pimples and harsh skin. Today it is utilized as a part of spells intended to amplify magnificence. In customary […]

Scalar Energy Pendant: How to Use It, What’s It For?

scalar energy pendant

While there are many forms of healing energy, today we will discuss scalar energy pendants and its uses. Scalar energy also is known as zero-point energy, first discovered by Nicola Tesla in the 18th century. What is Scalar Energy? Scalar energy resides in the vacuum of empty space, such as spaces between the atoms or […]