Is electrosensitivity real | Four Case Studies Of the Electrosensitive People

Is electrosensitivity real Four Case Studies Of the Electrosensitive People

Electrosensitivity is a field that has suffered so much prejudice. Whether electrosensitivity real or myth is highly debatable? All the information and the studies around it, lots have been said and done. Yet, no common agreed idea concerning electrosensitivity has been bred. Case studies don’t lack, plenty has been carried out, although their credibility is not […]

EMF Radiations | Alternative Solutions of it from all Electrical Appliances

Alternative Solutions for EMF Radiations Protection from all Electrical Appliances

We all are using different electrical appliances to make our work easier in our daily life. But are we aware of the harmful effect of these appliances and gadgets on our health? Do we know how much damage these are causing to us or how environment-friendly these are? You must be surprised to know that […]

Magnetic therapy weightloss: Real or Myth?

Magnetic therapy weightloss Real or Myth

Weight-loss had never been a walk in the park and many have had attempts without obvious results. In order for it to be successful, one must have a combination of discipline and effort to make it work. But amid all the fad diets available out there, there are effective Magnetic therapy weight loss methods to […]

Cordless Phone Dangers | Know Everything about Them

Cordless Phone Dangers

If you don’t possess a phone or don’t use one, then you got to surely be an alien or magician. Who doesn’t use a phone in this era? This device is among the best inventions the world has never seen. Nowadays you got so many types of phones. So comfortable, and cost-effective, now they are […]

Cordless Phone Health Risks | Are they really true?

Cordless Phone Health Risks Get to know everything about them from Emf Shield

Our health is constantly under risk. We remain human beings; we keep being vulnerable and fragile to lots of circumstances, among them cordless phones. Just some years back, when analog cordless phones were the main deal, there was no big issue. Today, in the digital era, there’s quite much to worry about. With the birth […]

Know about Essential oils recipes for Sleep from Emf Shield Project

Essential oils Sleep recipes

If you have been searching for Essential oils Sleep recipes, then you have arrived at the right place. Essential oils have been used for many purposes. Some of the best for sleep are lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, lemon essential oil and Cedarwood essential oil. Here are some essential oil mixes and formulas you can […]

Essential oils Safety | A Brief guide

Essential oils Safety A Brief guide

Essential oils are many and these are used for therapeutic purposes. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy. Many people use an oil diffuser to use the oils or they use an oil diffuser bracelet, but the major concern is safety. This article is about the measures to be aware of the Essential oils Safety. As we […]

Guide to Dilute Essential Oils

Dilute Essential Oils

Learn how to dilute essential oils and why diluting them is necessary? Dilute essential oils are basically a distilled version of natural plant oil, they are most commonly used by aromatherapist who use a diffuser to give aromatherapy. The plant oil is extracted from the leaves, barks and the stem of the plant and is […]

A Guide For Storing Essential Oils in Best Way

A Note On Storing Essential Oils

Storing Essential Oils in dark coloured glass bottles is the best way to store your essential oils. Mostly, the sellers put oil in small dark-coloured glass bottles, which block the sun rays from entering the bottle. Usually amber black was the first choice of colour to store essential oils in but nowadays dark shades of […]

Arthritis Pain | 20 Ways To Get Relief From it Naturally

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain, Rheumatoid arthritis pain, Magnetic therapy bracelet, Magnetic Bracelets, Magnetic copper bracelet, all five terms share something in common. They all can affect your health in one way or the other. Physical pain is a condition we all don’t want to feel. Arthritis pain is one of those conditions that will definitely ensure us […]