Electrosensitivity; 5 Main Symptoms And Illnesses Associated With It

Electrosensitivity Symptoms

Electrosensitivity symptoms; why you must believe.

If you still have doubts about the hazardous Electrosensitivity symptoms, then stop right now. For close to a hundred years now, people have experienced bodies pains because of EMFs and RF radiations. So if you think this condition is fake, this simply means you haven’t experienced it. Or worse still, you have, but you weren’t aware of it. So the question is not what are the symptoms, but how do they manifest? Even more importantly, what are the illnesses linked to electrosensitivity? Yes, people, some pathologies share the same bed with electrosensitivity. You must know them because to be forewarned, is to be forearmed. Let’s take a trip and explore the main symptoms and illnesses electrosensitivity mingles with.

Electrosensitivity symptoms are for real

Even though much needs to be done, medical and scientific researchers have not been sleeping. Thousands of scientifically reviewed articles exist, each supporting the aggressive symptoms coming from electrosensitivity. However, the debate remains. Some people, industries, governments, still refute electrosensitivity symptoms. On the other hand, scientist strongly back up the belief of these symptoms. People are increasingly voicing out the symptoms of electrosensitivity, assigning them to EMFs, RF radiations or electricity. So, despite the disparities, we strongly recommend you to consider all the symptoms. You never know, your tolerance levels to Radio frequency (RF) emissions, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or electrical devices may be impaired.

Three main electrosensitivity symptoms


We all must had suffered a headache before, right? But how do you know the headache is due to electrosensitivity? Let’s first edify you on headaches, to simplify what’s going on.

A headache is not your brain hurting. A headache occurs at the level of the muscles and nerves of your head, neck and even your meninges. It’s the muscles and nerves anywhere around your brain that are in agony. Two core reasons result in headaches, and this puts headaches into two broad types: primary and secondary. When your electrosensitive, the headache you suffer is the primary type. To be more precise, your headache comes from migraines, one of the main causes of primary headaches.

Let’s share more details. Electrosensitivity headaches are known as resonance migraines. When suffering from this type of headaches, you equally experience a vibrant sound or feel depressed. This is the headaches you will experience upon exposure to EMFs or electrical devices. So, just check out your reactions when and after using your phone, headsets or earphones. You will know whether your headache results from electrosensitivity.

Cognitive Disorders.

You may find it difficult to think, focus or even remember quite a number of your thoughts. First thing, check out if this happens in the presence of an electrical or electronic device. If this is the case, bad news, you are electrosensitive. Memory loss and difficulty to concentrate your thoughts are electrosensitivity symptoms, suffered mostly by those frequently using phones. The memory symptom first attacks your short-term memory. For the long-term memory, the effects are unclear. However, when you are a victim of electrosensitivity, expect going through blackouts.

Besides the above, electromagnetic exposure is believed to disrupt the blood-brain barrier of your head. This seems frightful right? Indeed you must be scared. The reason is that, the effects of EMFs on your brain is not instantly obvious. So you may not even know that you are a walking death, unless you often get proper medical checkup. Early dementia is one of the initial sure effects when electrosensitivity decides to affect your brain. Thus, we recommend more care to your brain, especially whenever you are around EMFs and RFs emissions.

Heart syndromes.

Electrosensitivity has also made victims in this part of our health. Many electrosensitive people have reported numerous heart dysfunctions. This is particularly the case for irregular heartbeats. From a number of studies, electromagnetic exposure has been revealed to cause damage to our heart muscle. How do electromagnetic emissions succeed in doing that?

Let’s use some physiology and anatomy to explain the above. Our heart pulse rate is in part, naturally controlled by electric waves. That is, electric waves from the automatic ion outflow, spread through the heart, causing its muscle to contract. Electromagnetic radiation causes impromptu ion leakage, which has the effect of disrupting our normal heart beating. Thus, you are aware now. You could have a racing heart or heart palpitations, when exposed to electrical, electronic, EMFs or RF pollutions.

3 main awful illnesses associated to electrosensitivity.

Neurological diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s Syndrome, anyone rings a bell? These must speak to you. Because if you were not aware, scientists have linked all three (and some others) neurological disorders to electrosensitivity. Definitely, EMF exposure is a risk factor to all these nerve or brain diseases. People suffering from these neurological diseases have revealed serious sensitivity to EMFs, RF radiations, and electrical or electronic devices.

Let’s consider the case of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer and electrosensitivity share common symptoms such as early dementia, heart abnormal beats, and high blood sugar levels. To break it down, you suffer some similar effects as an Alzheimer patient, when you are electrosensitive. This implies that, what will lead you to electrosensitivity can equally lead you to Alzheimer. Scientific studies equally came to the following conclusion. You have high chances of developing Alzheimer if you work in places with high-EMF exposure. Be sure of one thing people, Alzheimer’s symptoms are terrifying. So don’t take chances. EMF exposure is a sure road to much more dreadful diseases, like Alzheimer.

Electrosensitivity, easy way to cancer.

Cancer is a disease we must all fear. We don’t really understand how cancer comes about. But then, did you know that electrosensitivity is somehow related to it? What does this mean? Simple; electrosensitivity must be feared. Actually, it’s the exposure to electromagnetic rays that has been reported to be directly linked to cancer. Leukemia, lymphoma, breast, melanoma, prostate cancers and so many more, are linked to EMF exposure and thus, electrosensitivity. All these listed cancers can result from the lowest levels of radiation exposure, like those cell phones will emit. That’s why cancer is one of the illnesses most associated to electrosensitivity. Because as earlier stated, the slightest intolerance to electrosensitivity is a royal road to any cancer type.

Electrosensitivity makes your heart sick.

Among all of our heart assets, two of its elementary attributes are; heart rate and blood pressure. Your heart or pulse rate is the number of times your heart beats each minute. Blood pressure on the other hand, is the force exerted by your heart to pump blood all over your body. Do you imagine what will happen if your body can’t do both? Know that electrosensitivity will influence these heart actions adversely. Our heart muscle cells have been revealed to lose membrane calcium resulting from electromagnetic exposure. This has the effect of inducing cardiac arrhythmia in us. Subsequently, it will increase our chances to suffer from heart attacks and strokes.

Note that we decided to focus on three principal symptoms and illnesses. However, both the latter and former are numerous when regarding their association with electrosensitivity. Below is a list of few more of those.

Electrosensitivity symptoms

They include; sleeping problems, tiredness, earache, skin disorders, chest pains, stress and anxiety attacks, irritability. Prickling sensations (in joints, bones and muscles in shoulders, arms, legs, feet, wrists, ankles, elbows and pelvis), cramp in arms and legs.

Electrosensitivity associated illnesses

They are Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Autism, Cataracts, chronic fatigue syndrome, Myalgic encephalomyelitis, chemical sensitivity, Diabetes, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, infertility.

In the final analysis, it’s important to keep in mind that electrosensitivity has symptoms. So, let’s all be on the safe side, these symptoms can get worse.

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