Leading Causes of Poor Quality Sleep

Poor Quality Sleep

Poor quality sleep affects your health significantly. Lack of sleep is actually the cause of many health issues. To fix that, we first need to know the causes of poor quality sleep. Once we do, we can approach the problem better. Below, you will read all the information related to poor quality sleep causes.

How does poor quality sleep occur?

Many people suffer medical sleep problems. Typically, sleep deficiency can occur because of a medical condition. This means the brain overworks itself a lot. When that happens, there is a chance for many more health ailments. These have a lot to do with weight issues, energy levels and more.

But, many experts agree that sleep is not always related to a medical condition. Because of this, a doctor’s appointment will help you determine the root of the problem. However, now the tough part begins. If all medical conditions don’t affect poor quality sleep, what is?

Poor Quality Sleep Causes

Mainly, researchers in the field say sleep problems are divided into two groups. The first one is a result of environmental aspects. This can include anything from noises to weather conditions. The second group is based on psychological and physiological aspects. Here, the imbalance between all bodily systems is to blame.

Environmental Aspects of Poor Quality Sleep

The environment plays a huge role in the way we sleep. Many environmental factors impact sleep. These include temperature changes, geographical location, and even lights. People who suffer from environmental sleep problems are very sensitive. They are easily disturbed by pets’ noises, loud music, and technology exposure.

Psychological and Physiological Aspects of Poor Quality Sleep                    

There are many psychological and physiological issues which affect sleep. Sometimes, emotional and physical issues can drastically interrupt your sleep. However, many people experience insomnia differently. Health professionals say the condition has to be monitored first. With that, the condition can be managed more easily. So, the most important thing is to detect the issue in time. A lack of medical opinion will certainly lead to more severe health complications.

Let’s talk about our biological clocks. When the body doesn’t rest enough, our biological clocks misbehave. Biological clocks are responsible for waking us up. They also indicate when we should go to bed. But, what happens if our biological clocks don’t work properly? First, our bodies won’t know when to be active and when to sleep. Furthermore, this can encourage other threatening issues, such as stress.

Finding a solution

When you first begin experiencing troubles sleeping, visit your doctor. This will then allow you to discover if your lack of sleep is medical, emotional or physical. To do that, many experts use the Sleep Rate method. The technique mainly focuses on the emotional and physiological issues in the body.

Other factors leading to poor quality sleep

Sleep depends on our lifestyle choices a lot. Some of the most important aspects to mention are our nutrition and hydration. Eating impacts good quality sleep a lot. For instance, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals keep the body balanced. When the organism is stable, it knows when to rest and when to be active.

Drinking plenty of water is essential for the brain. Have a glass of water before bed. Have a glass of water in the morning. Drink water during the day as well. These simple practices can significantly improve your sleeping process. If you forget to hydrate the body, the brain will respond negatively in return. Then, even if you try to sleep, you will be unable to. That is why hydrating and eating right matter for a regular sleep.


Finally, many other factors influence poor quality sleep. These are basically common life choices we practice. For instance, exercising daily and being creative can help fight insomnia. Additionally, avoiding tech devices exposure helps as well. Improving your sleep pattern is possible. However, it requires patience and determination. All in all, you need to start leading a healthier and balanced life. Ultimately, this will help you deal with poor quality sleep.