EMF and the Immunity: What’s at Stake?

EMF and the Immunity: Risks, Safety Measures and Exposure

Let’s take a deeper look into EMF and the immunity, your physical well-being, and the precautionary measures to undertake to stay protected against it. There is a lot of scientific research on electromagnetic field exposure that shows how WiFi, Bluetooth, cellphones, and other smart devices release a form of EMF. This EMF is known as […]

Earthing & EMF: How Grounding Prevents Radiation Exposure?

EMF grounding devices

Earthing therapy has become quite a big thing ever since Clint Ober heavily promoted the movement. Of course, a lot of people, even celebrities, felt grounding benefits after practicing it for quite some time. Another very interesting tidbit about earthing is that it can even help lessen the amount of EMF in your body. However, there […]

Why cell phone EMF protection products beneficial?

We are surrounded by electronic devices wherever we go. Whether we are at home or office working on our laptop, sitting in our living rooms watching TV, or in the mall using our phone or tablet, we can’t escape these devices. Our lives depend so much on them. There are a number of benefits of […]

Which Fasting Method is Best for You?

fasting methods

A lot of new diet methods are becoming more trendy these days. Some of these diets include no-fat, gluten-free meals and other eating plans, which contribute to a faster weight loss. However, nowadays, many turn to fasting methods as a way to keep their bodies in check.  Studies have found a link between health and […]

Therapeutic Fasting and How to Properly Do It

Therapeutic fasting

A balanced diet and an active lifestyle are just two of the key elements to achieve optimum health. Most of the time, when your body doesn’t meet these two important elements, your health suffers. Today, more people have become aware of therapeutic fasting as a mean of restoring good health. The process itself means allowing […]

Explaining The Science Behind Fasting

fasting benefits

People have been losing weight by counting calories, exercising, going into diets, and more.  According to Longevity scientists, the above activities are not the only ways you can lose weight. By understanding fasting benefits, you can also accomplish weight loss in a short period of time. These scientists also consider the science of fasting as the […]

An Effective and Safe Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is presently one of the most widespread weight loss trends today. In fact, The Annual Review of Nutrition confirmed that intermittent fasting can be a feasible technique for improving the metabolism and the overall human health. In addition to these benefits of fasting, it is said to also impact biomarkers linked with a […]

Negative ion pendants: Good vibes only!

How often do you come across exotic pieces of jewelry that improve your overall well-being? It is hard to find health-promoting products that you can wear in public without having to worry about your look. Most women refrain from such products thinking they might not match with their attire. Fortunately, with our negative ion pendants, […]

10 Fitness Essentials to Always Carry on You for the Perfect Workout!

Fitness essentials

When it comes to fitness, what’s your preference? Oh, I’m sure there are so many to choose from. From yoga to cardio and hitting the gym, fitness knows no limits. But, as every practice differs from the next, respective fitness essentials do as well. Therefore, we would like to present you with a list of […]

Fitness Foods for a Healthier and Stronger You

Fitness foods

When it comes to fitness, there are many debated aspects which still cause confusion. When is the best time to work out? What can you eat before and after a workout? Are you giving your body enough nutrients? Naturally, these are all legitimate questions to ask. Because of this, we decided to take a deeper […]