How is Sleep Quality Measured and What Affects It?

Measure Sleep Quality

How to measure sleep quality? Well, let’s start backward. For many years, people failed to see the importance of sleep. However, recently, many eye-opening studies on the topic arose. These studies proved that quality sleep is connected to our health extensively. Let’s discuss this further.

Sleeping Apps and Programs

Nowadays, there are countless sleeping apps invented. These serve to manage and balance your sleeping cycle. As a result, sleeping apps monitor your heartbeat, hours of sleep and energy levels. Also, so-called sleep programs emerged on the market. These allow the help of a specific sleep program. The program intends to reveal tips and tricks on how to sleep better. Ultimately, this is how you measure sleep quality.

What Does Sleep Quality Entail?

It is known that sleep quality is based on several factors. Some of these include sleeping hours, dreams, and easiness. Some consider these aspects a great measure of quality sleep. Back in the day, calculating sleep quality was non-existent. The old ways included measuring brain waves in sleeping patients, and exclusively at night. Then, in 1980, The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index shed light on the topic. They created a questionnaire on sleep and mental illnesses. Ultimately, the results stated that many patients who suffer from a mental disorder, suffer from insomnia as well.

Efforts to Measure Sleep Quality

In 1989, the University of Pittsburgh acknowledged the efficiency of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. Even the University of Chicago chimed in, stating the Index was excellent. By then, this was the existent way to measure sleep quality.

Soon enough, that Index got swept under the rug. No, it was actually surpassed by the now-known tracking devices. Tracking devices operate through actigraphy. This represents an analysis and surveillance of muscular movements, during sleep. Ultimately, muscle contractions show the level of sleep you are in.

Actigraphy to Measure Sleep Quality

A few devices are able to measure sleep quality properly, through actigraphy. Some of these devices are FitBit, Jawbone Up, Sleep Tracker, and Lark. People use all these as a bracelet attached to your wrist. As a result, all data is monitored by the system. Furthermore, some devices work best when placed under your sheets. Once activated, these will calculate movement, heartbeat, and breathing rate. This will also allow you to monitor your behavior while sleeping. As a result, these have become highly popular lately.

How does the Sleep Quality Measuring Process Work?

The first this is to make an appointment at a respective clinic. Then, you will be taken into a laboratory or a related center. Here, technicians will use electrodes attached to your head. This serves to take three different kinds of measurements.

It all starts with electroencephalography. EEG is the best tool to use, as it functions of daily waves. Of course, these are not the same with night waves.
Then, you undergo EMG, to inspect your muscle tone while sleeping. Finally, it is all about the eyes. You will have to get an electro-oculography session. This helps monitor REM sleep. This is how we dream.

What to do for a Better Sleep Quality?

There are various things you can try and improve your quality of sleep. It all starts small, so be mindful of your everyday habits. Reduce night light exposure to a minimum. Turn to reading instead. In addition, be creative and work on your hobbies. Try not to nap during the day. Also, stick to a strict sleeping schedule. This means, waking up and going to bed at the same time every day. While it seems rigid, it is quite beneficial, really!

Make sure you keep an eye on your diet. Furthermore, make sure you stay hydrated at all times. Train a favorite sport or activity. Keep your body temperature under surveillance. Finally, kick off the nasty habits. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol and avoid staying up late. In order to measure sleep quality better, make sure you practice all these steps daily.

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