What Electrosensitivity Is And Who It Affects

What Electrosensitivity Is And Who It Affects

Electrosensitivity, does this mean anything to you? What about Electromagnetic Sensitivity? Does Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) ring a bell? Which of the three terms do you know? Do you even know any? Did you know that these could hurt you?  Fear not, because wherever you stand, this article answers all your worries. If you are aware of one or more of these terms, know that all three basically mean the same thing. In case this is your first time, know that all these complex terms are bad for your health. They all represent trouble for your health condition. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to focus on your health. This article takes 20 minutes of your time, to save the rest your life.

Explaining electrosensitivity.

Electrosensitivity, a clear picture of what it is.

Electrosensitivity is also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), or Electromagnetic Sensitivity. So, they all mean the same thing. They all originate due to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Electricity and electronic devices are the principal means our body gets exposed to the former and latter. Actually, as your reading this article, there is a high probability you are absorbing electromagnetic rays or RF radiations. Unless you are aware of the risk and have taken the necessary precautions.

So is electrosensitivity a disease or a condition?

Good news, electrosensitivity is not an infection or virus. Bad news, it describes a condition of illness or infection. Let’s break it down. Electrosensitivity is a condition that will harm your health upon exposure to EMFs and RF radiations. It’s a condition leading to serious body health troubles, when exposed to electrical/electronic sources. This means when kept away from electricity, electronic devices, RF radiations and EMFs, you won’t develop electrosensitivity. When your electrosensitive, your body experiences a functional disability, not an illness. But then, this body functional inability results in uncountable health infections.

Let’s define electrosensitivity.

First you need to be aware of a debate that exists on this condition. More about this controversy is discussed further in the article. This means the definition of the term is not unanimous, but yet, it exists. This is a definition of Electrosensitivity (ES) we strongly recommend for you. It’s a situation where a human being develops an intolerance to EMF and RF radiation. The condition is triggered by environmental toxins, in the form of electrical and electronic emissions of radiations. In other terms, electrosensitivity means your sensitive to electromagnetic fields and RF radiations, which make your body suffer harmful effects.

Where does electrosensitivity come from?

Your cell phones, computers, house microwave, fluorescent lightings, and all the electronics in your life; all culprits. These are the bad guys behind your electrosensitivity condition or potential condition. It’s experienced with power lines, wireless network and technology devices, infrastructure like cell towers and antennas, to name a few. All these are the sources of EMF and RF radiations. As this condition occurs, various symptoms start appearing. From irritable hands, troubled sleep, headaches (especially when using a cell phone), nosebleeds, memory loss, heart tremors, and so on.

So, like with all other environmental sensitivities, the polluted environment is the sick person here. Electrosensitivity is due to a person’s sensitivity to our environment’s polluted nature. In other words, if your electrosensitive, you are not sick. This simply means you find it very difficult to tolerate EMFs, RF, and any electrical radiations.

Who is affected by electrosensitivity?

Electrosensitive prone or not?

Get it straight, no human body is armed to handle EMF and RF pollution. When it comes down to these radiations, no man can survive a 24/7 armada. But then, like all disorders, each individual reacts differently to EMF and RF radiations. Some are less sensitive than others, while other exceptional people are unaffected by these radiations. Still, all humans are sensitive to electricity, EMF, RF or electronic radiations. Hence, any human being can suffer the harmful effects of EMFs or RF radiations. This depends on a number of factors you will learn as you read on.

Why may I be more electrosensitive than others?

As you read above, your electrosensitivity could be above normal or it could be lower than the average. But why the difference then? Sorry, but as you might have noticed, life isn’t fair, starting with our physical bodies. Some of us have food allergies or might be genetic predisposed. While others don’t even imagine it exists. Just as allergies and inborn biases, your body’s physiology is a prime reason for the differences in electrosensitivity.

This looks somehow complicated to grasp. We are all human beings, and our physical bodies normally function in the same way. The organs you have, your colleague also owns them. You breath, I breath. We all need to eat, drink, and sleep to continue living. Yet, no two human bodies are identical. This is the main reason you may be very sensitive to EMF and RF radiations, than your neighbor.


Birds of the same feathers; neurotoxic chemicals and electrosensitivity.

People, neurotoxins will increase your intolerance to EMFs and RF pollution. The more you absorb neurotoxic chemicals, the more electrosensitivity becomes your close friend. Science is behind this idea. As you suffer more and more from the effects of neurotoxic chemicals, electrosensitivity becomes a sure condition. So, for all those exposed to neurotoxins be sure the next condition you will suffer is electrosensitivity.

Ladies and electrosensitivity, a possible trend.

No sexism people, electrosensitivity seems to have a thing for women. This is somehow weird, because normally men are more exposed to EMFs and RF radiations. But then, research has a different verdict. Women have shown to suffer more from the symptoms of electrosensitivity. Now, why is this the case? Studies point to the genetic make-up and body water proportion. Ladies, these two are your natural enemies when it comes to your sensitivity towards EMF and RF radiation.

However, all the answers do not exist. In fact, little studies have been carried out to mark out our beautiful ladies as the electrosensitivity sex. More insight needs to be brought on the topic. So, stay calm ladies, even though you seem to be more electrosensitive, you are not condemned. Yet, it’s obvious that more flesh needs to be brought to the bone, to clarify this claims.

Electrosensitivity moves the planet.

What’s the debate about electrosensitivity?

It’s goes back to 1932, close to 100 years now, electrosensitivity came to live. Yet, it’s still not clear what it is, who is affected or how it really works. Some deny it’s effect. They say their cell phones can’t harm their health that much. They affirm that the health effects of using their computers can’t be that serious. While others run to their doctors about the headaches due to the headphone they use. Or it’s the lightings of their homes that brings serious eye pains. Science has not helped explain these controversies. Until date, not much has been done, or the results from research fail to touch a large public.

Public health cares about electrosensitivity.

Although electrosensitivity is not universally agreed on as a vice, it effects are real like that of Melatonin. The World Health Organization (WHO) even raised an alarm concerning the issue. The organization proclaimed RF radiations that cell phones emit, to be as dangerous as cancer. This led to the classification of these RF radiations to the same rank as DDT, chloroform, lead, and pesticides. Besides, with the uprising of all these new technologies, EMF and RF radiations are present more than ever. The entire globe is sensitive to all these emissions, and we don’t see how this will stop.

To close the topic, we wish you to go back with the following thought. We live in a world where electrosensitivity is real.

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