Water purification with shungite – Protects old people from several diseases:

Water purification with shungite

Water purification with shungite:

Shungite can purify water from almost all organic matter (including petroleum derivatives and pesticides), bacteria and microorganisms. Fullerenes in an aqueous solution acquire catalytic properties, helping the oxidation of active chemical compounds. Clean and soft water from the depths of Lake Onega in Karelia. It meets all strict hygiene requirements. One can drink without any purification process. Also is the result of an age-old interaction of this water with shungite. Yes, and the healing properties of martial waters, today it is customary to attribute shungite rocks through which they pass.

Shungite purifies water from various impurities of organochlorine compounds, nitrates, excess copper, manganese, and iron, completely – from helminth eggs, and removes turbidity, tastes, and odors. Saturates water with calcium and magnesium salts, as well as microelements at an optimal concentration for the human body, and disinfects water without the use of chlorination or ultraviolet radiation.

What are the benefits of water purification with Shungite for old people?

– Kills bacteria and viruses

– Purifies water

– Reduces oxidative stress

– Reduces inflammation

– Eases physical ailments

– Relieves stress

– And much more

Also, this breed gives the water unique healing properties. Scientists have proven the fact of the release of carbon from shungite stone into the water with soluble fullerenes in homeopathic doses. It turned out that nature has been “producing” fullerene solutions for centuries. The creation of which has so far been unsuccessfully combated by modern science.

Shungite water recommended for prevention and treatment for diseases below:

– Anemia

– Allergies of various types

– Bronchial asthma

– Gastritis

– Dyspepsia

– Nephropathy

– Liver disease

– Diabetes

– Cholelithiasis, gallbladder disease

– Weakened immune system

– Diseases of the pancreas

– Colds

– Cardiovascular diseases

– Cholecystitis

– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Shungite-infused water thus becomes not only pure drinking water but also a molecular colloidal solution of hydrated fullerenes, which belong to a new generation of medicinal and prophylactic agents with a multifaceted effect on the body.

An example of such an effect is the antihistamine effect that shungite water has. It’s established while using shungite water, the level of histamine in the blood, which plays an important role in the development of most allergaic diseases, is markedly reduced.

How to get shungite water at home?

Pour the pre-filtered water into an enameled or glass jar and place the pre-washed water in it. Shungite breed of any shape and size – at the rate of 100 gr. rocks per liter of water.

In half an hour, the water acquires antibacterial properties, and it will finally acquire all the healing properties in three days. Pour the infused water into another container and fill it with shungite fresh batch of water. Do not be afraid of the black color of this water, after a few minutes the suspension will settle and the water will become clear.

In a field where water is taken from well. It is enough to immerse 20 – 30 kg into the well shungite crushed stone to purify the water from bacterial contamination, nitrates, and petroleum products and give active properties to the water.

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Diseases for the prevention and treatment of which shungite baths are used:

– Allergy

– Varicose veins

– Dandruff, hair loss

– Gynecological diseases

– Hypertension

– Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: dyspepsia, gastritis, enteritis, colitis

– Gallbladder disease

– Cholelithiasis

– Acne

– Blood and lymph diseases

– Urolithiasis disease

– Diseases of the genitourinary system, kidneys

– Neuropsychiatric illnesses: depression, stress

– Diseases of the pancreas

– Colds

– Cardiovascular diseases

– Chronic fatigue syndrome, fatigue

Important point to understand, the smaller the fraction, the faster the purification occurs. For example, if shungite rocks 1-2 cm in size, the filled water can be drunk after 10-15 minutes and insist no more than two days. The more fragmented shungite rock, the more actively it interacts with water and gives it healing properties. Rejuvenates, heals, calms…

Impact on the body of Water purification with shungite:

Impact on the body shungite becomes fantastic – it heals, protects, rejuvenates, relieves pain, and neutralizes the harmful effects of geopathic zones.

To unravel the secret of the healing properties of shungite neither doctors physicists can yet. It was only possible to establish that shungite effects on the body’s Regenerative processes take place in the cells of the body.

And bioenergetics say that it is enough to wear a pendant with a small piece of shungite around the neck for 5-10 days (by the way, polished shungite is very beautiful). And the human biofield, disturbed by stress and negative emotions, is restored.

Although the use of shungite water has practically no contraindications. Shungite water is recommended for the prevention of many diseases. Before you start drinking it for people with numerous health problems, if possible, it is better to consult a doctor who is familiar with the action of this mineral.

Using shungite water as a drink and for cooking can treat diseases of the digestive system, locomotor system, nervous system, genitourinary system, and circulatory system diseases. For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, it is recommended to drink at least three glasses of shungite water in a day.

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