Yoga Benefits for Stress Relief: Top 3 Studies and Papers to Get You Started!

Anti-Stress Yoga Benefits

Anti-stress yoga benefits never go unnoticed. Yoga for stress relief, in particular, is a popular discussion among yoga enthusiasts. But is there really truth about this claim? How does yoga for stress management and relaxation work?

Let’s shed light on this topic. Numerous related reviews and studies assert the following:

  1. Therapeutic Effects of Yoga and Its Ability to Increase Quality of Life

One well-known research on the benefits of yoga was conducted by Catherine Woodyard in 2011. Woodyard’s research was published in the International Journal of Yoga and explains how the practice affects the body. 

The study helped doctors learn about yoga more. After all, people were clearly interested in the subject. Because of that, there many began working on their own academic papers on the subject. In fact, many web browsers and university databases provided information for related studies. 

Results of the study revealed that yoga has been used in treating different diseases and conditions. These include physiological and emotional concerns, as well as spiritual pain. Furthermore, the study stated that the main anti-stress yoga benefits also include anti-anxiety and depression benefits as well. 

Additional findings on anti-stress yoga benefits

The importance of yoga in stress management is almost groundbreaking. Many papers urge that anti-stress yoga benefits relieve stress differently, This happens when the sympathetic area of the hypothalamus is affected. Through this, the exposure to stress drops.  As a result, stress stops as well. Moreover, yoga significantly increases the serotonin levels in our body.

Serotonin is actually a neurotransmitter that creates dopamine. Dopamine makes you feel good. In fact, it controls the brain’s pleasure center. Hence, if dopamine is low, this will lead to lack of motivation and sleep problems.

  1. Effects of Yoga on Mental Health

Stress has always been a constant in people’s daily activities. Our brain and body know how to combat all different stressors. However, when stress becomes chronic, it can seriously harm one’s mental health.

A recent paper on the subject summarizes the current evidence of yoga for mental health. This study found out that yoga had big effects on the mental health. The study also encourages the possible effects of yoga on PTSD.  The review then suggested that yoga is capable of reducing all symptoms of PTSD.

  1. Stress Management Through Yoga

There is one particular study on the importance of yoga in stress management. It was carried out by Kumar, Yadav, and Kapri in 2015. In the study, stress management is the main focus. Interestingly, yoga offers plenty of techniques for managing stress. 

The study then emphasized Pranayama, which is a birthing technique. This method helps mothers regulate their breathing during delivery. This meditation technique allows a clearer mind and soul and gets rid of stress immediately. 

Also, the study states that yoga poses and breathing exercises can lead to lasting relaxation. Each pose and technique has its own purpose and means to eliminate stress of all sorts.

Chronic Stress

Stress and depression are closely related. Therefore, numerous studies tried finding the ties that bind these two. 

Unknown to many, stress can actually be beneficial. Oftentimes, stress makes you more motivated. According to Mental Health America, stress can make you act. However, problems and health issues start when stress continues to evolve. 

Therefore, it is necessary for us to self-diagnose on stress. In such a way, we protect our mental health. 

Common signs of stress

There are many common signs that indicate stress. These may include insomnia and a lack of focus. At work, stress can cause an inability to solve problems. Among more known symptoms of stress are also anxiety and nervousness. Furthermore, many people stated they suffered tiredness as well. On occasions, people experienced anger and frustration. Sometimes, people felt irritated or hopeless. In more severe cases, stress caused depression as well. 

All in all, anti-stress yoga benefits are more than effective and can help you lead a high-quality life.