Shungite – Protects from mobile, antennas, WiFi, and 5G:

Shungite – Protects from mobile

Shungite – Protects from mobile, antennas, WiFi, and 5G: The moment that we are curious about the world of minerals and want to know more about them and their therapeutic properties, we may wonder where to start, seeing that there are so many different minerals. Normally, a book or an introductory course can help us to get some basic notions. A simple way to start would be knowing the basic energy centers of our body. It is called main chakras, and relating them to the minerals to which they are associated by their colors.

For example, the fourth chakra, which is located in the chest area. It is associated with the color pink and green. So we can use pink and green stones in this area of ​​the body, such as rose quartz, aventurine, tourmaline, pink or green tourmaline, and rhodochrosite. In the head area, we will use indigo and lilac blue stones, such as amethyst, iolite, blue quartz, and sodalite.

This would be an idea to start using the minerals on a personal level. Which allows us various dynamics, such as relaxations, visualizations, or meditations, holding the minerals in the hands or placing them in each area of ​​the body. In the section connecting with the energy of minerals, you will find some ideas to start using minerals on a personal and therapeutic level.

Thus, Shungite is one of the best stones we recommend. In this guide, we will learn more about this incredible stone.

About Shungite stone:

The shungite is especially indicated to protect us from electromagnetic radiation (mobile, antennas, Wi-Fi…), as well as to regenerate the body, and clean up the water and the earth.

Recent studies revealed that natural shungite crystals contain fullerenes, a type of molecular form of carbon. On which new studies in nanotechnology and medicine are being based. We can use it as a pendant or bracelet. Or also put it in spaces to harmonize them, near electrical appliances, or to create protection shields, in the shape of a pyramid, sphere, or raw piece.

Mineralogical characteristics:

Shungite is a light and black stone combined essentially of organic carbon (more than 98%). It comes from a deposit near the Shunga village, in the Karelia region (Russia) and is known for its multiple properties.

It is considered one of the oldest minerals on Earth and is the only one that contains fullerenes or fullerenes. A type of molecular form of carbon discovered in 1985 and noted in the scientific world for its physical, chemical, and aesthetic characteristics. And in the on which new studies of medicine and nanotechnology are based.

Shungite is considered that while crystallized shungite contains approximately 80% fullerenes, non-crystallized shungite contains 30% of them. Natural shungite crystal is usually the most requested option for therapeutic use.

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Shungite – Protects from mobile, antennas, WiFi, and 5G:

– It has great energy absorption power, purifying and harmonizing water, air, electromagnetic fields, and areas with negative charges in our home.

– Shungite also acts as a protective shield against radiation from WiFi, 5G network, the computer, antennas, radiation from mobile phones, etc.

– It is recommended to use a Shungite pyramid in the places of the house, office, etc. They are highly charged with negative energies. So the mineral, thanks to this shape, will have more power to absorb and balance the environment.

Therapeutic properties of the Shungite:

There is a type of shungite called shungisite that is used to filter water and purify it. It has antibacterial properties and contributes to the healing. And regenerative process of our body to combat pathologies such as allergies.

It activates the body’s self-healing processes, aids faster recovery from illnesses, mitigates the effects of allergies and asthma. Also is an antioxidant, promotes fertility, helps heal skin diseases and infections. And protects against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Shungite neutralizes part of the electromagnetic fields produced by electrical devices. Devices that surround us, acting as a shield, and in this way also helps to stabilize and strengthen body energy.

It is used for cleaning and protection, to discharge and clean the body of static electricity. As well as to soothe pain and regenerate the body.

Benefits have also been seen in water treatment thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. It favors the purification of water and the sanitation of the soil from chemical residues, acting as a fertilizer thanks to its trace element content.

Shungite is considered a self-regenerating stone, in the sense that it is not necessary to clean it energetically. Even so, it is normally covered by a natural layer of soot that we can clean with plenty of water before using it.

How to clean Shungite:

This is a delicate, porous, and light stone. Therefore, it needs some care in handling and cleaning. To clean and purify it, the smoke of incense must be exposed. And it should be washed with running water for five minutes. Best appoach to protects from mobile, antennas, WiFi, and 5G using Shungite.

To charge the stone, it must be exposed to the light of the full moon or sunlight, but not directly, only use sunlight. 

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