Electrosensitivity – Are ‘Wifi Allergies’ A Real Thing

Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies

Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies, what do you know about the relationship between these two? What do you about any? Is this a confirmed fact or an alleged idea? Whatever it is, one thing is sure, the Wi-Fi is one of the 21st centuries most exceptional creations. Yet, every great creation has its drawbacks. In the case of Wi-Fi, allergies appear to be one of the flaws. Wi-Fi allergies as a cause of electrosensitivity; that’s the suspected criminal case here. We underline the words ‘appear’ and ‘suspected’ because huge debates exist vis-à-vis the issue. Until date, lots have been said and done, but yet, no unanimous opinion on Wi-Fi allergies exist. The writings that follow will give you the necessary insight to pick a side. This article offers you a unique opportunity to answer all your doubts or confirm your opinion.

Wi-Fi, the basics you must know.

No matter the debate surrounding Wi-Fi effects, it’s our duty to understand them. But first, we need to know what the term means. What’s the Wi-Fi? In three words, wireless internet connection. In other words, it’s the internet with no physical wired connection. Just as your radio or mobile phone receives sound, your Wi-Fi works the same way. It uses radio waves to transmit information from one internet device to another. It’s compatible with nearly every electronic operating system. Be it an advanced printer, TV set or game device, the WI-FI is well-matched to a wide range of devices. So basically, the Wi-Fi is quite a good guy. But then, it’s still a source of EMF radiations. Thus, it can also be a villain. This sounds confusing. No worries, the important point to remember is, even good things have dark points. You just need to watch out for the dark points.

Why are the effects of Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies disputed?

Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies

The effect of the radiations and Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies are not early visible, they don’t appear instantly. This is at the heart of the numerous controversies. Due to the fact that Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies are non-specific, many of us decide to ignore the situation. Most of us are ready to believe in any disease cause, but not from the Wi-Fi. Yet, you need to pay attention to the signs, alongside have good knowledge of the issue, to grasp its effects. However, limited evidence of these allergies really makes its understanding complex. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has been able to provide us with some insight. The few studies from IARC has declared wireless radiation as class 2B possible carcinogen. However, important bodies like the WHO has declared no scientific basis links electrosensitivity symptoms to EMF (electromagnetic frequency). Thus, science doesn’t back up the existence of Wi-Fi allergies, supporting the entire dispute. Yet, it is widely believed that too much emf disrupts the normal working of body and therefore alternative healing is required sometimes.

Wi-Fi allergies, let’s unveil some cases.

So what about the cases of Canadian families whose children suffered headaches and brain fogs upon Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies? What about the 15 years old girl in the UK that claimed she committed suicide due to Wi-Fi signals?  There’s the Toulouse case in France, where a judge ordered a 39-year-old woman to receive £500. The reason being for disability benefits due to Wi-Fi exposure. Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies was the end product, and it pushed her to live in a shed away from society. Is that also a case to ignore? We hope what follows better edifies you on the subject, and helps you make the right choice.

Electrosensitivity Wifi Allergies | Prospective threats

1)   Is your sleep worth the price?

Have you ever noticed that upon sleeping with the Wi-Fi on or worst still close to it, your sleep was a struggle? If this is your case, know that you are not alone, and it’s not new. For more than 10 years now reports exist describing this sensation. Some studies have suggested the effects of sleeping with your phone on and by you, plus the Wi-Fi on. From the results of those studies, chronic sleep disorders is the sure outcome upon exposing your sleep to the Wi-Fi.

2)   Threatening childhood development.

For children, Wi-Fi exposure is a very serious risk. It’s the cell growth of their bodies that are exposed here. The radio waves emitted by the Wi-Fi goes to disrupt cellular development, mainly fetal development. Children can be very playful, exposing themselves to anything. It’s our responsibility as adults to protect them from any damage, electrosensitivity due to Wi-Fi allergies included.

3)   Brain function disorder.

The internet evolves at a fast rate, we are now in the era of the 5G internet. Nowadays, the 4G is common to many areas. Another common aspect is the radiation the internet emits. The radiations the 4G internet emits have been studied by scientists and shown to impact brain function negatively. From their research, they concluded that you could have several areas of reduced brain activity upon 4G internet exposure.

Research goes further to point out women to be more vulnerable to reduced brain activity. It’s just like electrosensitivity, the Wi-Fi has a thing for women. However, keep in mind that these researchers are not unanimous. So, ladies, this is not definite, you are not condemned. Men, don’t feel you are better off. Each and every of us must take precautions, there’s no need to take a risk with your brain.

4)   Fertility/virility; danger for women and men.

For a long time now, we have been aware of the dangers laptop’s can cause. Indeed, laptops generate heat that kills male sperms. In addition, research has revealed that Wi-Fi frequencies reduce sperm movement and leads to DNA damage. Test performed on humans (and even animals) have confirmed the negative impact of Wi-Fi exposure on men sperms. Even more to that, Wi-Fi radiations are believed to prevent women egg implantation. The cellular damage and effect on DNA propose a strong probability of egg implant failure. The Wi-Fi exposure could even go further to cause abnormal pregnancy.

5)    Igniting cardiac stress.

Increased heart rate has been observed in people exposed to EMFs produced by Wi-Fi. So if you have been suspecting your Wi-Fi, this can be justified. Actually, some experiences have reported that people suffer amplified heart rate, just as the heart rate of someone under stress. So, you best know your daily habits, you could now recall or check if the above could be your case.

6)   Cancer, the core of the debate.

This is where everyone kinds of falls apart on the idea of Wi-Fi allergies. The controversy is extreme when it comes to cancer. Yet, a few cases and studies are for the idea that cancer can have as cause Wi-Fi radiations. There’s a case of a 21-year-old woman who used to carry her cell phone in her bra. She caught a breast tumor precisely on the spot she carried the phone. Moreover, her family had no predisposition to breast cancer. But then, there is no clear and unanimous scientific proof that Wi-Fi leads to cancer. So what will you believe? Science or human real case witnesses? The choice is yours, we are just here to present the data.

Prevention is better than cure.

It’s always better to be on the safe side. Thus, we wish to propose you some preventing measures. First thing, keep a good distance from any device that can capture Wi-Fi. Your smartphone, tablets, laptops, wireless router, don’t keep them close to your body. Better still, switch them off when not used. Have you heard of the belly armor blanket? Or the belly-shielding band for pregnant moms? These are some devices that are conceived to block Wi-Fi radiations from babies in the uterus. Some other complicated and costly means are available, like raising melatonin and L-Carnitine body levels.

Generally speaking, are Wi-Fi allergies a real deal then? What we propose is to stay alert, neglect no options, anything is possible.

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