10 Future Scenario Thinking Contributions on the EMF Debate’s Evolution

EMF protection studies

Electro Magnetic Field is an electrical discharge generated around electrically charged objects. Such objects can include, routers, batteries, and inverters. Although helping us solve the world’s electricity crisis, EMF protection studies suggest that continued exposure is harmful to our health. Over the years, there has been a lot of debate on this topic. Different EMF […]

5G: A Massive Health Experiment That Could Cause Cancer and Global Catastrophe

emf cancer protection

5G is short for 5th Generation. It is the latest cellular mobile connectivity. 5G connectivity aims to give mobile data users lower latency and higher data rate. 5G connections have a bigger system capacity that results in faster data connection. A 5G connection can also help reduce cost and save energy for the telecommunications companies. […]

10 Videos to Watch to Know More About EMF Protection

EMF protection videos

The Earth, including your body, yields electromagnetic fields (EMF) in small amounts. However, unlike the aforementioned, technology produces more electromagnetic fields. As a result, this can cause many threats to your health. Also, EMF risks cannot be visible to the naked eye. However, by using gadgets, like cellular phones or computers can expose you to […]

EMF Quiet Zones

emf quiet zones

The possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) to society have resulted in people looking for ways to address the issue. Moreover, people suffering from Electro Sensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, seek EMF protection in EMF-safe zones. These communities are popular by the nickname EMF Quiet Zones. Here, people living inside have EMF safe housing and […]

What Makes Some People More Sensitive to EMF?

EMF sensitive people

In recent years, concerns about the hazards brought by electromagnetic fields or EMF have risen around the globe. All of us, including Mother Nature, produce EMF but in a very low intensity which does not cause harm. Technological structures and devices, however, produce EMFs at high intensities which are very dangerous. Therefore, a lot of […]

EMF: Unhealthy Food Supply Making Healthy Eating Impossible

EMF food risks

Fresh foods on the markets are a great addition to living a healthy lifestyle. However, from today’s standpoint, farmed products can lead to serious EMF food risks. By 2050, there will approximately be 5 million deaths a year if the abuse of antibiotics and pesticides in livestock continues. The same is true for agricultural farming […]

Meetings/Workshops on Radiation Protection in the US

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We all use technology, but only a few are aware of the health risks followed by it. One of the things that we are not aware of is the existence of EMF (electric magnetic fields) or radiation. So, technologies like mobile phones, microwaves, and other devices release invisible waves. Consecutively, these devices expose the human […]

Regulations and Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work

EMF workplace exposure

The CEMFAW (Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work) regulations require all employers to protect their workers from EMF workplace exposure. These regulations also have companies eliminating sources of EMF workplace exposure, as per magnetic field safety regulations.  EMF protection for workers became a duty of the employers themselves, too. This way, they are taking care […]

How Other Countries Protect their People from EMF

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The abbreviation EMF stands for the electromagnetic field. Mother Nature and us humans produce EMF but in a very low intensity. However, technologies that we use and see every day such as mobile phones, power lines, and Wi-Fi signals produce EMFs in a very high intensity which can be harmful to us. Because of that, […]