How Grounding Enhances Your Entrepreneurial Skills?

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Everyone wants to start a business, but only a few practice grounding business benefits necessary for success. Yes, you heard us, grounding. But, does it really takes grounding for success? Well, let’s find out. According to a 2014 study, a factorial analysis revealed that a combination of personal skills. Among many, such are cognitive, social […]

Powerful Grounding Exercises to Help You Heal Entirely

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It’s true that today, nearly everyone deals with stress and this is likely to cause anxiety. When anxiety hits, the time for a solution arrives as well. How about grounding? Grounding is a powerful way to eliminate all sorts of anxiety and discomfort. In fact, below we’ll discuss some of the most practical grounding tips […]

Effective Grounding Techniques to Treat Anxiety

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Grounding is a useful technique that helps us calm down through tough situations and reminds us of the present. This way, rather than being trapped in thoughts that make you feel anxious, you will focus on what is happening to you in your body or surrounding at present. Being grounded also means feeling connected to […]

How Grounding Exercises Improve Cognition and Prevent Depression

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Grounding techniques can help you bring yourself into the present moment. It lets you concentrate more on the surroundings with your senses. Other grounding benefits are avoiding self-destructive behaviors and giving you a positive mindset. Because of these grounding benefits, more and more people are taking interest in this practice, specifically people in the corporate world. Since they […]

What You Need to Know About Earthing Therapy

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Earthing can be described as the connection between our bodies and the earth. Studies claim that walking barefoot on the ground, sand, or beach can cure ailments like depression, insomnia, inflammation, and arthritis. Nowadays, most people gravitate towards the earthing therapy, which is believed to improve health issues like sleep, mood, and inflammatory issues. When […]

Top Benefits of Grounding and Earthing

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Earthing or grounding is putting your bare feet on the earth daily. Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost this contact in time. However, many health experts have stated that missing out on earthing can cause larger health problems. For instance, The number of people fighting chronic diseases has been on a drastic rise. As experts reveal, […]

5 Supreme Earthing Products on the Market Today!

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Ancient people believe that there is healing power in earthing or grounding. Living in the modernized age, we overlooked the grounding benefits. Amazingly, the earth has always been around us ready to give us the healing that we need. More recent studies show that grounding has extensive benefits, particularly in reducing inflammation and supporting the […]

Earthing & EMF: How Grounding Prevents Radiation Exposure?

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Earthing therapy has become quite a big thing ever since Clint Ober heavily promoted the movement. Of course, a lot of people, even celebrities, felt grounding benefits after practicing it for quite some time. Another very interesting tidbit about earthing is that it can even help lessen the amount of EMF in your body. However, there […]

The Scientific Evidence of Grounding: Does It Really Work?

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As you may know, grounding involves the process by which your body connects to the earth. In order to experience grounding benefits, one must walk outside on the sand, concrete, grass, soil, or ceramic tile. This is one of the easiest ways of how to do earthing. However, it’s not just people that assure how […]

What Is Grounding and Why Should We Care?

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Grounding refers to the physical body connecting electrically with the earth. The earth, as we know, has an unending supply of negative ions. In order to connect to the Earth’s natural surface charge, one has to be barefoot outside. To the very least, you should allow your skin to be in contact with conductive systems. […]