How EMF Exposure Affects the Health?

With the explosion of online platforms nowadays, it is tricky to detect real information from manufactured ones. One of the highly disputed topics is the impact of radio waves, especially on mobile devices, on the human body. When it comes to how EMF exposure affects the health, there is a mixture of truth and exaggerated […]

How Can WiFi Affect Brain Function?

According to recent studies on the brain, there are many brain side-effects of WiFi and EMF. Many of these negative effects have been found in the polarized electromagnetic frequencies in WiFi radio waves that are deteriorative to the brain. As Wi-Fi connectivity is a staple internet channel worldwide, the chances of neuro-cellular degeneration are high. […]

 Should You Worry About WiFi and EMF Radiation?

WiFI and EMF radiation

WiFi and EMF radiation are highly complex subjects to understand, considering the stigma surrounding both. Although it has already been documented in many academic resources, it seems that the details are still mystifying. That’s until yesterday, at least. This is because, nowadays, you will build a more sensitive understanding about it, alongside the nuts and […]

Side-Effects of EMF Exposure: How Serious Is It?

side-effects of EMF exposure

It’s no secret that in these recent years, technology has become a staple in our daily lives. From the early morning unto the wee hours of the night, we mostly rely on technology to lessen our workload and relief. However, balance exists in everything. While we enjoy the fruits of technological advancement, we also experience […]

Is 5G Technology a Threat to Human Kind?

health threats of 5G

Due to technological advancements, the 5G network now delivers ultra-low latency, better data speeds, and a more reliable connection. But, with it, science is certain there are numerous health threats of 5G to take into consideration as well. Despite the vast improvement in network performance compared to the last network upgrade, 5G is not a […]

Can Magnetic Therapy Bracelets Reduce Pain?

magnetic therapy bracelets

For some, especially to those who just newly heard about therapeutic magnetic bracelets, it is a question as to why people choose to wear magnetic accessories to other parts of their bodies. The truth is that magnetic therapy bracelets that provide EMF protection are known to be an alternative medicinal treatment to make a person’s […]

Why You Should Do Yoga in This EMF-Saturated World?

EMF protection yoga practice

Lives improve as technology progresses. However, what we fail to notice is that these technologies can create tremendously negative health effects. With the digitization of technology, people are more exposed to EMF or electromagnetic fields. Given the significant negative impact EMF causes, prevention is already a must. One of the ways to engage in an […]

Dr. Mercola Reviews: 5G, COVID-19, and EMF Connection

5G, COVID-19, and EMF

Dr. Mercola’s view on 5G, COVID-19, and EMF narrows down the main health concerns modern-day society faces and the ways we can stay protected. The leading discussion nowadays seems to be the connection between 5G, COVID-19, and EMF. The debate has slowly yet surely led to increased anxiety which has everyone asking who is the […]

 How Orgone Pendants Can Protect You from EMF

orgone pendant

Have you ever heard of an orgone pendant? If what health experts are saying is true, then tech devices, like smartphones, computers, and antenna-dependent electronics all emit EMF. As you know, EMF is one of the biggest and unseen health threats. But, to prevent or divert such possible damage, there are affordable alternative solutions, like […]

How to Properly Wear Your Magnetic Therapy Bracelet?

wear magnetic therapy bracelets

Did you know that if you wear magnetic therapy bracelets, you protect your overall health? In fact, alternative methods in medicine are becoming more and more popular. In ancient times, magnetic bracelets have been known for having lots of healing effects. As of today, there are a lot of products that have magnetic features to […]