Electrosensitivity – Reducing The Effects Of It Naturally

Electrosensitivity Effects

Electrosensitivity is one of those words you won’t overhear running the streets. Cancer, Diabetes, or even Alzheimer, you must have discussed one or all of these. But for electrosensitivity, if we take a simple quiz on the topic, many of us will hate the outcome. Like most sensitive or unpopular subject matters, this is not surprising. The lack of abundant literature and its difficult access doesn’t help.

Lucky you then; you just clicked on the right article. Our focus is to edify you on how our nature could serve against electrosensitivity. Indeed, life has blessed us with so many gifts, among which, natural solutions to keep our health safe. As you read further, be sure to receive a bunch of weapons nature has against electrosensitivity.
Electrosensitivity, the effects everyone must know.

Knowledge is the genesis. You must know the problem or what it could be, to know the proper solution. With electrosensitivity, the same approach applies. Physical, mental, or emotional, the effects hit all dimensions. From light to mild, to severe symptoms, signs and diseases, the list is quite long. We will present the most common or avowed.

It starts with simple headaches, stress, troubled sleep, eyes and ears pains, skins rashes, short memory loss and anxiety. Then the effects go a step further. More to the previous effects; muscle cramps or pains, nose bleeding, inflammations, heart palpitations join the party. A higher level exists, where diseases come into play. You could suffer from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, hyperthyroidism, cataracts, infertility, miscarriages and tumours.
Note that the symptoms do not point to a specific disease or infection.

That is, they are non-specific. To break it down, suffering from a symptom can be a feature of various health conditions. Thus, the effects of electrosensitivity are as broad as our mother nature itself.

Using nature to reduce electrosensitivity

We can eat to heal.

What does food mean to you? Is it just to feel your stomach or give you energy? Or is it just some way to enjoy your life? People, you could look at food differently. Food can save your life. What you eat and drink is the first way to reduce your electrosensitivity. To begin, you must go natural with your food choices. If you love drinking coffee every morning, this is the perfect way to exercise this scheme. Spicing up your coffee with grass-fed butter and Brain Octane will reduce electrosensitivity effects when exposed. Just a few tablespoons added to your coffee, and you are ready for a bulletproof coffee electrosensitivity won’t cross.

Checking what goes into your mouth must become a habit. It’s more than the routine coffee you consume daily. You have to consume more sources of minerals. This is where what you drink becomes crucial. Those who hate drinking water, or careless of the water source they consume, you need to change. Drinking distilled water, filtered or spring water, will help you fight electrosensitivity. Hence, go for organic foods, drink mineral-free water and rotate your diets, to minimize electrosensitivity effects.

Take a shower and reduce your electrosensitivity.

Skin rashes, do you remember? It’s one of the electrosensitivity effects listed above. This part of your body suffers the first strikes of electrosensitivity, even if the effects are not seen. That’s why we share to you how cleaning your body can help you reduce electrosensitivity. Detox time people! It’s time to remove all those effects our polluted environment has lavished on you.

Baking soda and sea salt baths; the most effective baths for detoxifying the body from the effects of radiations. How does this work? You will need a normal size bathtub or bucket. Fill warm water to either of those, filtered or purified preferably. Then, add one pound of both ingredients to the water, starting with the baking soda. You need to keep the most possible part of your body submerged in water.

The ideal time for optimum results lies between 20 – 25 minutes. Take a short shower when you’re done, this will help wash off the salt, soda and other pollutants. Drain the tub and clean it scrupulously to exclude any remaining pollutants.

Attention please, taking advice from a qualified and recognized natural or health practitioner is paramount. You can’t play doctors for yourself here. The viewpoint of a professional is highly recommended before you decide to go down this road.

Scalar energy, clean energy against dirty energy.

Free infinite energy, scalar weapons, mind control, all these are unique assets ascribed to scalar energy. But the one which is of concern here is its healing property. Scalar energy is that type of energy wave or radiations you won’t want to miss out. When electrical energy waves or EMF waves go to damage your health condition, scalar energy goes to fix it. How is this possible? Let’s briefly share with you how the healing asset of scalar energy comes into action.

Did you know that your body had natural self-healing abilities? Were you aware that our cells fix whatever is wrong in our bodies? It could be by natural or man-made influence. But for this to happen, our cells need the proper energy levels, and that’s how scalar energy works. Scalar energy stimulates and raises our body cell energy, improving its natural healing aptitudes.

This has a series of positive effects on us. For instance, it permits your body to more readily engross nutrients we consume, while also improving their detox capacities. It equally strengthens your cells via the creation of stronger molecular bonds that protect your genetic make-up (DNA).

Now you may be asking yourself how or where do you get this energy? Don’t worry the answers are available. Produced electronically, magnetically, physically or optically, several scalar energy products exist out there. Iyashi Pendants, Wands or Bracelets are examples of devices (products) onto which the scalar energy signature has been imprinted. Once any of those 3 products are stamped with scalar energy, the effect is indefinite.

That is because scalar energy is self-replicating and repairing. Once you buy a scalar energy product, it fights against electrosensitivity for the rest of your life. Much more exist on this topic. Follow this link https://emfshieldprotect.com/category/blog, it’s a precious source of knowledge.

Avoiding the Electrosensitivity Effects

This is where things get delicate. We live in a world where electricity, electronics, EMFs, RF radiations are all over. It’s the digital world, and it’s going nowhere anytime soon. Besides, just as everything else in life, the digital comes with a price to pay. So, how do you handle it?

You can’t live without one of these; cellphone, computer, electrical light, battery chargers, smart meters, micro oven or electric ovens. You are surely using one of the listed devices, as your reading through the end of this article. So what can you do to use them and keep out of severe harmful EMFs exposure?

The first point, change your lifestyle. We don’t want you to start living in quarantine or go to the mountains to avoid the Electrosensitivity Effects. But yet, some habits could be changed that will make a huge impact in your lives. So, we recommend you to use your phones with care, using the hands-free kit more. It’s even preferable for you to text more than you call. You need to keep your brain as far as possible from your phone.

Keep Wi-Fi devices far from you, most especially away from your bedroom. Use EMF filters for whatever device possible. Going in for meditation, yoga, massage, long walks in nature and physical exercises helps to significantly dampen the Electrosensitivity Effects.

Altogether, our closing remark to you will be this. Electrosensitivity can occur to anybody and by any means. Yet, it’s our responsibility to take action and not watch our roof burning while we add more fuel to it.

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