Can Shungite Stone Protect Us From EMF

Can Shungite Stone Protect Us From EMF

Can Shungite Stone Protect Us From EMF?

In today’s lifestyle, people are exposed to various elements that endanger and compromise their overall health. Commonly, most of us are exposed to various bad lifestyle habits or factors that emit stress hormones like overworking and partaking in various vices. 

Yet, the most obvious thing we fail to see is the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs that we are commonly exposed to every day. The gadgets we use daily emit EMFs that we barely notice.

Our mobile phones, televisions, computers, and other electronics can emit EMFs, which is harmful to human health.

The problem is we barely take notice of these things and most people don’t believe in EMFs. This is probably because EMF can’t be seen directly. 

It is only seen using modern complex machinery and tech which traces electromagnetic fields around you and your environment. As such, people never really give much attention to their transmission and harmful effects. Yet, many illnesses and diseases are linked to the transmission of EMFs, including:

  • Increased blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate
  • The continuous occurrence of anxiety and panic attacks
  • Several diseases related to the heart
  • A weakening of the immune system
  • Arthritis and other joint-related ailments
  • Other ailments

The worst part is these ailments are not diagnosed or detected in earlier tests but occur later. With that, some of us are trying to educate ourselves on this invisible threat to our wellbeing and are finding ways to avoid such health risks.

Some might try to live a healthier lifestyle, refrain from frequently using their phones and television, and take supplements with multivitamin properties.

One simple idea that people often overlook how to combat these EMF rays is the natural way of using healing stones. What stone, you may ask? If you search the internet on combating EMF rays using natural stones, one thing that pops out frequently is the Shungite Stone.

What is a Shungite Stone? 

Shungite is a black stone that consists of two things in equal proportions: a mixture of amorphous carbon and graphite. The Shungite stone can drain excess electromagnetic waves and balance the amount of EMF in a room or a certain area. 

The secret comes from its superpower as the only stone to have fullerenes or carbon transformed into spherical ions. These ions are the ones responsible for extracting harmful EMF waves within the environment along with other hazards in the air. Moreover, these carbon particles with cage-like properties can neutralize these EMFs that radiate from your TVs, mobile phones, and other electronics.

Shungite is researched and tested to deflect and cleanse off any excess EMF within the area.

It is good to use it when it comes to emf protection. Basically, there are two types of Shungite stones: pure or noble and black Shungite stone. Noble shungite are the ones that contain around 90% of carbon, which has a more direct impact than the black which only consists of 50-70% carbon. 

However, no matter what you get, both offer the same medical properties and protection against EMF. You can only find shungite stone in Russia and a medical center in the country proved it has properties good for our overall health and the ability to expel EMF. 

Shungite ensures the overall health of our bodies through the following: 

  • Transforms EMF into waveforms that are good for our bodies.
  • It can purify your water; releasing good chemicals and antioxidants that improve your overall health.
  • It helps you alleviate your anxieties and mental problems to create a perfect atmosphere for good vibes and energy to flow.
  • Releases and expands your chakra to make your body more comfortable and your breathing at a normal pace.

How Does This Work? 

To get the benefits of the shungite stone, you simply need to place it within the area of your television set, computer table, or on your bedside table where you use your phone. The ions within the stone will activate and do its trick without you putting any effort into it. 

Some companies and businesses often use shungite to make jewelry and pendants. Aside from it protecting you from the EMF waves, it is also a fashionable piece you carry around. As such, more and more people buy and avail of this stone for emf protection.


With the advancement in technology, it is not surprising to know that EMF has taken a toll on our health. If you’re one of the people looking for a way to avoid the harmful effects of EMF, consider buying a shungite stone now from your trusted dealers and shops. As most doctors say, prevention is always a cheaper option than a cure. Protect yourself today with this wonder-working stone. 

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