EMF Protection: 6 Facts about the Dangers of WiFi

WiFi Dangers and EMF Protection

Let’s admit it; the invention of WiFi has significantly changed the way we live our lives. Everything is now more accessible with a simple push of a few buttons, thanks to it. However, despite the hundreds of benefits of WiFi, the dangers that it poses should not be neglected. In order to protect your health, it is more than necessary to discuss both WiFi dangers and EMF protection benefits.

Here are six facts about the dangers of WiFi that you should know about:

1. Young People are More Vulnerable

Several pieces of research show that prolonged WiFi exposure is mostly detrimental to young people. This is because young children have smaller and less thick skulls, making microwave frequency more absorbable. Due to this, young people expose themselves to WiFi dangers and EMF protection is necessary in such cases.

2. Reduce Male and Female Fertility

One of the biggest dangers of WiFi is its harm against male and female fertility. This claim has been backed up by several studies.

Prolonged exposure to WiFi emits EMF which can cause sperm DNA fragmentation and slow sperm mobility. Sperm DNA fragmentation is the term used to describe the presence of abnormal genetic materials found in sperms. The occurrences of this can cause a high risk for miscarriage, failure of IVF treatments, and subfertility.

Meanwhile, slow sperm mobility affects male fertility because the sperm dies before reaching the egg. The chances of a man who has low levels of sperm mobility getting someone pregnant is low.

Moreover, aside from sperm DNA and slow sperm mobility, the heat from the gadgets that use WiFi, especially laptops, can kill the sperms even before they are exposed to the outside world.

On the other hand, WiFi can have significant effects on women’s fertility as well. Research shows that WiFi dangers and EMF protection go hand in hand. If not, EMF radiation can prevent the implantation of fertilized eggs in the womb. This effect can cause miscarriage or abnormal pregnancies.

Furthermore, a study conducted on female mice exposed to low-level EMF showed that they suffer their offspring mostly suffer some kind of fetal deformities, and those who do not have that show slowed development instead.

3. Negatively Influence Childhood Development

A study conducted by Dr. Omer Celik and colleagues showed that the oxidative stress caused by WiFi Exposure resulted in the newborn of pregnant rats to experience reduced antioxidant vitamin concentration, GSH, and PSH-Px. Aside from that, the newborn also showed a higher risk of oxidative injuries.

Oxidative injuries typically occur when the body loses the ability to combat free radicals. This is why it is crucial to consider both the WiFi dangers and EMF protection options. This is especially relevant in women who are pregnant and newborn babies to prevent delayed developments or abnormalities.

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4. Reduced Cognitive Function

Another alarming danger of prolonged WiFi exposure is brain function ailments. A study shows that exposure to 2.4 GHz WiFi radiation can alter some miRNAs. This means that it can lead to serious neurodegenerative diseases in the future, making EMF protection a necessity.

Furthermore, a study conducted on rats showed a frightening result on the effects of low-intensity microwave exposure on cognitive skills. The rat’s cognitive function results showed both DNA damage and reduced cognitive function. This is why it is also not a farfetched idea that the same effects also apply to humans.

5. Increase the Risk of Developing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Not only does prolonged WiFi exposure affect cognitive function, but it also can cause you to develop EHS. This is evident in a study where subjects had 3-minute exposure to 2.4 GHz phones while others had sham exposure. Based on the result, it showed that a majority of the participants claimed that they are electrically sensitive, and the top signs were memory problems and difficulty concentrating. The same group’s provocation experiment showed that most of them experienced a change in their heart rate variability after the exposure.

EHS is also called “microwave syndrome.” The condition affects multiple organs and occurs during chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields. Patients who suffer from EHS can exhibit neuro-psychiatric, neuro-hormonal, and neurological symptoms.

6. Cause Oxidative Stress

A recent study was made on rats exploring the relationship of low-level EMF at 2.4 GHz. DNA Oxidation and Protein Oxidation showed that the exposure causes higher levels of 8-OHdG in both brain and plasma tissue.

8-OHdG is part of urine, blood samples, and human tissue. It is actually a biomarker that indicates oxidative stress. This means that the study above proves that low-level EMF exposure can cause significant oxidative damage.

WiFi Dangers and EMF Protection: Conclusion

WiFi is truly helpful for many of us. However, it is essential to use it in moderation to avoid getting its adverse side effects. Educate yourself about the possible risks and do the necessary preventive measures like applying suitable EMF protection. You wouldn’t want what’s making your life easy now, be the reason why you will be suffering later on.

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