The History Behind Orgone Energy

Orgone Energy

The History Behind Orgone Energy: Curious what is Orgone energy all about? Well, Orgone Energy is known as Orgonite. It came from the word Orgone. Orgone is beautiful crystals like eye candy. It is not only gorgeous and luxurious looking, but they also have a powerful healing effect.

Orgones are usually in a pyramid shape and a form of jewelry. Since Orgone energy is known to perform healing, they are usually formed as various Orgone energy generators. They are usually in a pyramid shape, bracelets, and bands.

People who want to be protected and safe round the clock wear Orgone jewelry and pendants. Direct contact with Orgone energy will keep you away from stagnant and negative energy. It will cleanse your mental and physical health to guide you in healthy and positive places.

History of Orgone Energy

The history of Orgone Energy happens before World War 2. It was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist. His research on Orgone energy started when he discovered through a galvanometer that our skin reacts and produces an electrical charge when dealing with pleasurable situations. He called this phenomenon “bioelectric energy.”

Later on, he found energy vesicles which he coined as “bions.” These energy vesicles called globules produce radiation that charges its surrounding objects. He then discovered that the radiation was the bioelectric energy he had previously found. He called this discovery Orgone.

Thereafter, Reich began construction of the first Orgone accumulator, also called ORAC. ORAC is formed from alternating layers of carbon-based material, both inorganic and organic. He wanted to produce a positive and strong concentration of Orgone energy. According to him, this procedure would produce a healing effect.

Reich went on with his experiment and had this ORAC box where he placed mice with cancer. He placed both healthy and sick mice in the ORAC box. Then he later discovered that those sick mice who were placed in an ORAC box have a longer life than those who did not experience being kept in the box. Because of the success of this experiment, he began treating humans with cancer and other diseases.

He also made the first cloudbuster. It is a device made from hollow metal pipes that he believed could produce negative Orgone energy from the atmosphere. He also used this device to control the weather.

Unfortunately, Reich was arrested and imprisoned by the American FDA for his unauthorized sale and misleading information of his ORACs. Most of his research was also destroyed by the American FDA. He died in prison in 1957 due to a heart attack.

What Orgone Energy Protects Us From?

Through his experiments, Reich demonstrated that if Orgone energy works in treating cancer and other ailments, it could probably work on the human mind. He believed that energy could be blocked by a traumatic experience and would cause locked in tension. He called this situation body “armoring.”

When the energy becomes heavy and stagnant, it will turn to negative or Deadly Orgone Energy. This deadly energy is responsible for one’s negative mood and chaos of the world. However, Orgone energy can help the body prevent blockages and stagnancy. It encourages positive energy and helps you protect yourself from Deadly Orgone Energy.

The world nowadays is bombarded with a lot of technology such as cell phone, WIFI connections, satellites, and a lot more. These technologies create electromagnetic fields or EMF, which can lead to harmful side effects. Some symptoms include depression, anxiety, headache, loss of libido, feeling down, and whatnot.

Having Orgone devices at home can serve as EMF protection to you and your family. Orgonite can help take away one negative energy. It encourages your body to absorb a more positive vibe. The energy brought by the Orgonite can brim soft vibration and promote calmness in the body. It cleanses breaths and increases levels of calmness.

Along with EMF protection, Orgone devices can be your sleeping aid. It has a vibrant energy that encourages its meditative potential. It can also detoxify water, purify living spaces, and helps plants grow. With the benefits you get from Orgone energy as a whole, your overall health can surely thrive.


While the Orgone energy proof seems to be elusive, the research of the late Dr. Reich is still practiced by many these days. While his works in psychoanalysis and psychiatry were acknowledged, his biophysics research, unfortunately, was stricken out by the American Government.

Regardless, the works of Dr. Reich have resurfaced and are being thoroughly studied. The Orgone energy through pendants and jewelry was proof of its rediscovery. Orgone energy is now more enhanced and replicated for those who want to experience wellness and healing.

Nowadays, our environment is overwhelmed with EMF. Our body negatively responds to the frequencies of radiation. As such, the more we need to harness positive vibe and healing through Orgone energy.

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