4 Celebrities Who Practice Intermittent Fasting Regularly

Celebrities Practicing Intermittent Fasting

Staying in shape, losing weight, and enjoying a healthy life can get you following one craze to another. From physical exercises to diets, the fads tend to evolve over time. Sometimes, it is challenging to adapt to these weight loss practices. The same can be said with fasting. However, the benefits of fasting extend to more than just staying in shape. Fasting is a scientifically proven method. So, it’s no wonder to learn there are many celebrities practicing intermittent fasting regularly. 

Celebrities Practicing Intermittent Fasting

Acting is a demanding career, and celebrities need to gain the required body figure for the roles that they have to play. There are several ways to lose weight. However, in recent years, news of celebrities practicing intermittent fasting has reached both the entertainment and health magazines.

Hugh Jackman

Jackman, popularly known for his legendary role in X-Men as Wolverine, is one of those celebrities who is ripped and stays in shape by implementing intermittent fasting coupled with rigorous exercise.

Jackman follows the 16:8 model, which means he takes his meals during an 8 hours window and fasts for 16 hours. The Marvel comic superhero vividly portrays the benefits of health and fasting by maintaining a superhero-worthy body without foregoing his favorite meals.

Chris Hemsworth

Thor is yet another superhero character portrayed by an intermittent fasting celeb. Taking the role of Owen Chase in the film In The Heart Of The Sea, Chris had to shed some weight to show the emaciated character well.

Chris’ routine involved the 15:9 intermittent fasting. He does this together with rigorous physical exercises. He takes food in a 9-hour window and fasts for 15 hours.

Jennifer Metcalfe

Jennifer is not only in great shape, but she is also the ambassador for Lighterlife Fast, a diet company. The British soap star takes on the 5:2 plan. With the 5:2 strategy, you eat normally for 5 days and do not take more than 500-600 calories for two non-consecutive days. It is simple, but it works perfectly.


Beyonce seems to be getting younger as years go by. She claims that the secret behind it is intermittent fasting. Like celebrities practicing intermittent fasting for health, Beyonce intermittent fasting follows the 5:2 strategy.

Keys to Achieve Good Results through Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not just for weight loss and staying in good shape. It also:

  • Gives the body anti-aging benefits
  • Boosts production of white blood cells, thus enhancing immunity
  • Increases memory performance by promoting neuron growth
  • Reduces the risk of developing neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s
  • Helps to keep blood sugar level stable by reducing insulin resistance
  • Reducing risk factors for heart disease such as blood pressure

Celebrities who practice intermittent fasting are quick to point out its qualities. And as researchers continue to explore it, they discover more and more benefits.

As is evident, intermittent fasting is not a dietary plan where you have to curve some of your tasty meals. It is a process where you control the cycle of your meals. That said, improper application of any intermittent fasting methods may lead to serious health problems. It is important that you follow rules in regard to its application.

So exactly how should you incorporate fasting into your lifestyle? Here are some guidelines that you should follow:

Choose wisely

Intermittent fasting plans vary. Each method comes with a set of challenges. As you commit to a plan, consider how it fits in with your schedule and lifestyle. Keep in mind that some of them can prove to be exigent to a point that you cannot handle it. In which case, you should adopt an easier intermittent fasting plan.

Commit wholly

Intermittent fasting is not a one-month plan. It is a lifestyle choice. For it to work, you need to have a commitment. The easiest way to ensure that you stick to it is by keeping busy. What feels like hunger is mostly a result of boredom or thirst. You will see no positive results if you cannot observe your fast.

Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water, black tea, coffee, and other zero calories drinks will keep the hunger away while ensuring that you are hydrated. Just because you are fasting does not give you a pass on your dietary check. Ensure that you consume the right amount of calories during your eating window.

Work out

Physical exercise is still essential to ensure that you get the best out of intermittent fasting. Ensure that your workout plan follows a process that will not lead to muscle breakdown. It’s best that you schedule your exercise on days when you eat your meal.


It’s impossible for you to see the benefits of fasting in a few days or weeks. You need to give it time in order for you to see the results. Even celebrities practicing intermittent fasting, usually work on a schedule and take their time. So, with a little patience, you will eventually see good results. Like the celebrities who practice fasting, you need to have discipline.


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