5 Proven Fasting Benefits to Improve Your Life

Though the proven fasting benefits are often distorted and misunderstood, they are not entirely false. Like many exercise and diet trends, fasting originated in legitimate scientific studies.

Why do People Fast?

People usually go into weight loss practices with proven results. Because there have been lots of testimonies proving the direct relation between proven fasting benefits, it’s easy for people to try their hand on it.

In some medical procedures, such as blood glucose measurement and cholesterol testing, fasting is required a day preceding the health examination in order for a baseline to be established. Though this is usually done in a scheduled period, there are also some who practice and attain the one-day fasting benefits like detoxification, stress relief, and cell regeneration.

Some people also see fasting as an easier and safer method of losing weight. People who lack the time and workout paraphernalia or don’t want to rely on slimming products tend to practice intermittent fasting in order to immediately lose unwanted fatty plethoras.

Proven Benefits of Fasting

Weight loss is just one of the several proven fasting benefits. Here are more of them:

  • Proven Fasting Benefits on the Physical Health

Weight loss is the primary reason why most people fast, and it certainly delivers the desired result.

A study in 2015 found that alternate day fasting reduced body fat by up to 12 pounds and sheared body weight by up to 7 percent.

In another study conducted by the University of Southern California, 71 subjects were required to fast for a span of five days, consuming only 750-1,100 calories a day once. They discovered that adults lost 6 pounds, showed less inflammation, were slimmer, and lost body fat without losing muscle. If you want to attain weight loss and lose belly fat, irregular fasting might be the key.

In the studies, people improved their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and their insulin sensitivity.

  • (Praying and) Fasting Gives Way to Spiritual Growth

There are a lot of Bible passages that encourage people to pray and fast like how Jesus did. Christians fast not to appear holier than others but to manifest God’s presence and its importance. This is particularly so when it comes to suppressing hunger and cravings. 

It is interesting to note that fasting is both a Christian and general practice, also seen in Buddhists and Muslims. 

Gaining spiritual strength, developing discipline and receiving guidance in making big decisions is important. The same goes for establishing a more intimate relationship with a Higher Being. All these are just some of the spiritual and proven fasting benefits.

  • Fasting Increases Brain Power and Improves Mental Health

Dr. Mattson, a Neurology professor, said that fasting escalates proportions of neurogenesis in the brain. This is the basic creation of new brain cells and development of nerve tissues.

Higher proportions of neurogenesis encourage the brain’s performance, memory,  and focus. In one study, intermittent fasting improves attentiveness, temper, idiosyncratic feelings, and one’s well-being. It also wards off warning signs of depression.

After fasting, the blood produces higher levels of endorphins. Naturally, these make you more alert and leaves you with a positive vibe. Also, past studies show that healthy brain aging has to do with intermittent fasting and calorie restriction. The results of fasting are even analogous to that of exercise.

  • Fasting is Good for the Skin

Intermittent fasting eliminates toxins in our body and turns on DNA-repair genes that aid in reducing inflammation from the body. This helps the skin heal and rejuvenate more quickly. Another skin benefit of fasting is that, when you fast, a hormone called ‘somatropin’ is produced. This helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Fasting for 2 days a week can help beautify your skin. However, it still depends on the type of food you consume during the 5 days. Thus, you have to meticulously select your fasting date, and the food involved in the process. 

  • Fasting Increases Longevity

When you age, you tend to have a slower metabolism. The younger your body is, the faster and more efficient your metabolism. Fasting helps with cell regeneration. If your cells are able to rejuvenate themselves, then you are significantly slowing down the aging process.


Fasting renders great health-related results. If you are trying to incorporate fasting daily, you have to create a solid and definite plan. Consider the foods that you will consume before, during, and after intermittent fasting. In some cases, abstaining from food consumption can lead to serious mental health issues. Thus, choosing the best fasting route for you is relevant. The same goes for setting a rational goal and creating a healthy menu. Finally, summarizing your overall plan is a ‘must’ in order to gauge most of the proven fasting benefits.