How Do We Treat Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity?

EMF protection to limit EHS

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a condition that one experiences after exposure to weak electromagnetic fields (EMFs). You can develop electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a result of longterm usage of EMF gadgets. Such gadgets include tablets, laptops, smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and TV. Because of our daily exposure to these, it is essential we learn how to use […]

Which Fasting Method is Best for You?

fasting methods

A lot of new diet methods are becoming more trendy these days. Some of these diets include no-fat, gluten-free meals and other eating plans, which contribute to a faster weight loss. However, nowadays, many turn to fasting methods as a way to keep their bodies in check.  Studies have found a link between health and […]

Therapeutic Fasting and How to Properly Do It

Therapeutic fasting

A balanced diet and an active lifestyle are just two of the key elements to achieve optimum health. Most of the time, when your body doesn’t meet these two important elements, your health suffers. Today, more people have become aware of therapeutic fasting as a mean of restoring good health. The process itself means allowing […]

Explaining The Science Behind Fasting

fasting benefits

People have been losing weight by counting calories, exercising, going into diets, and more.  According to Longevity scientists, the above activities are not the only ways you can lose weight. By understanding fasting benefits, you can also accomplish weight loss in a short period of time. These scientists also consider the science of fasting as the […]

An Effective and Safe Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is presently one of the most widespread weight loss trends today. In fact, The Annual Review of Nutrition confirmed that intermittent fasting can be a feasible technique for improving the metabolism and the overall human health. In addition to these benefits of fasting, it is said to also impact biomarkers linked with a […]

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While You’re Fasting

fasting mistakes

With the rise in popularity of fasting, more researchers have taken interest in calorie restriction and its effect on the body. While there are several proven benefits of fasting, there are also numerous health risks associated with it, especially if the practice is not done right. Therefore, many fasting mistakes can occur.  Abstinence from food […]

7 Foods You Can Eat During Intermittent Fasting

Krista Varady, a nutrition professor at the University of Illinois, says that weight loss is one of the most supported benefits of fasting. However, it also increases focus, reduces the risk of heart disease, prolongs life, and more. With several studies supporting the positive impact of fasting on the body, it’s no longer a surprise […]

Introducing Ayurvedic Fasting as the Perfect Body Cleanse

ayurvedic fasting

There are different types of fasting. But, the most effective one depends on a person’s lifestyle and preference. This said the benefits of fasting can also vary from one person to another. One of the most popular fasting methods is the Ayurvedic fasting. This is traditionally done to keep the body clean and healthy. If […]

How to Understand the Philosophy and History of Fasting?

fasting origins

Fasting is an act of abstaining from food for a particular period of time. It is both an ancient and modern activity that is practiced in many cultures all over the world mainly for therapeutic and religious purposes. There are multiple benefits of fasting to a person’s health. However, fasting origins are traditionally related to […]

4 Celebrities Who Practice Intermittent Fasting Regularly

Celebrities Practicing Intermittent Fasting

Staying in shape, losing weight, and enjoying a healthy life can get you following one craze to another. From physical exercises to diets, the fads tend to evolve over time. Sometimes, it is challenging to adapt to these weight loss practices. The same can be said with fasting. However, the benefits of fasting extend to […]