10 Places to Connect With Nature, While in the City!

nature-connecting places

It’s already been established that walking in nature affects one’s mental health. The presence of living things, green vegetation, clear waters, and blue sky alleviate stress and replenishes brain functioning. However, nowadays it gets tougher to get out of the busy city life and find nature, thus uncovering relaxation. But did you know that you can now enjoy a line of nature-connecting places, close to you and beneficial at the same time?

In this article, we will list down 10 best nature-connecting places, where you can become one with the outdoors:

Best Nature-Connecting Places 
  1. Countryside

The normal routine in a city life can be exhausting. The noisy neighborhood, crowded train, and the walks you have to take to your apartment greatly contribute to the daily stresses. This is why many urban dwellers often dream of spending their weekends in a countryside to experience serenity. But there’s more to this than just ‘feeling’ good.

Green exercise, or simply the exposure to nature, has been found by several scientific research to positively influence both physical and mental health. For instance, it’s known to bring about improvement in self-esteem and vigor, as well as lessens anger, confusion, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Going to the countryside then is not just a good but a great idea.

  1. Wildlife area

Many countries across the world are now aiming at wildlife conservation in an attempt to provide people with a natural space where they can do an array of activities. Exploring animal habitats, wetlands, forests, and agricultural areas is a great way to enjoy and relax with your friends and family. You can hike, photograph wildlife, participate in guided tours, hunt (if allowed) or just observe the beauty of wildlife. You’ll be amazed by the benefits you’ll reap from the experience.

  1. City parks

Nature-connecting places bring you a piece of mind, whether they are local or rural. Here, the good thing is that nature can just be around the city corner. Take city parks, for instance, where you can find green spaces, playgrounds, ponds, and many other features that’ll keep you relaxed and entertained. Others may even have tennis courts, indoor pools, or a flower garden to make the experience richer.

  1. Zoos

You might already have spent some time in the zoo when you took the kids to watch the cute animals. However, zoos aren’t just there to entertain the kids, they also offer access to greeneries and fresh outdoor air that can relieve your stresses. Take a break and get some fresh air at the nearest zoo!

  1. Natural museums

If you run out of nature-connecting places to visit, try visiting nearby natural museums. They may feature plants, open spaces, organic design, stuffed animals, waterfalls, and even aquariums indoors. Though indoors, these are a pleasure to see and could just give the same effect as with walking in nature.

  1. Libraries

Nowadays, some libraries do not only contain books, but they also serve as one of the best nature connecting places. We know of some which feature an outdoor garden where visitors can walk around and smell the flowers while still being in the middle of a city life. If you happen to have one in your area, don’t hesitate to visit and unwind.

  1. Theme parks

Theme parks are yet another of the popular nature connecting places we’d like to discuss. At the same time, theme parks are not intentionally made for this purpose. Some of them now provide green space where you can connect with nature. For instance, fairs usually take place in an open area, usually parks, where you can experience some greenery while having a party.

  1. Botanical gardens

Some of the best nature-connecting places are botanical gardens. They are usually themed and feature exotic plants or animals. In some of them, you can even host events which can make the visit more fun. There should be at least one botanical garden in your city whether you live in a small or a large one, so try to locate it for your good.

  1. Backyard habitat

You need not look where to connect with nature if you can have one in your backyard. Urban areas have become a dreaded place for natural habitat to thrive. But if you can provide one for species, it will be most beneficial for you. Grow some veggies and flowering plants in your own backyard to create a zone that’ll keep your sanity intact. This way, you aren’t only helping the environment but also your own.

  1. Neighborhood parks

If you’d like to interact with nature but couldn’t go any further from your area, then why not go to the nearest neighborhood park. Not only will you be able to build better connections as you meet new friends and take part in recreational activities, but you’ll also enjoy the mental health benefits of these parks. The best thing is that it is directly accessible to you.


Finding a green space where you can relax and refuel is not always easy. This is especially true for those living in the busy city life. Nevertheless, there are already countless nature-connecting places where you can rediscover nature even if you reside in an urban area. Some of which are discussed in this article. Remember that walking in nature benefits you in more ways than one. So, take a break and spend some time with nature.