9 Scientific Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

outdoor walking benefits

Spending long breaks indoors seems like a good idea, especially after busy months of work. However, people now know better. Walking in nature on a regular basis has certain benefits that cozying up at home cannot ascertain. An example would be how outdoor walking benefits the mental well-being of a person.

Evidence supports its advantages, and today we’ll introduce 9 of these scientific outdoor walking benefits to help you adopt this practice.  

9 Scientific Outdoor Walking Benefits
  1. Strengthens immunity

Among the many outdoor walking benefits is a stronger immune system. Those who spend hours outdoors have an increased number of white blood cells. This means; they have enough to fight off diseases and viruses.

Outdoor walking benefits can also reduce inflammation, the cause of many autoimmune disorders, cancer, and depression. The healing and strengthening properties of walking make it a potential cure for the ill.

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety

The emotional outdoor walking benefits are hardly a secret to the public. The practice significantly lowers the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines while boosting the serotonin levels. Cortisol, a stress-marker hormone, also decreases in people who enjoy outdoor walking benefits. It’s not surprising that walking in nature helps depression too. If you’re feeling burned out or anxious, you know where to go!

  1. Improves vision

Outdoor walking benefits impact the health of our eyes as well. For one thing, a stroll in nature helps people suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome. The syndrome itself happens as a result of excessive staring at a computer screen. By walking outdoors, individuals, especially children, and teenagers, experience a line of benefits. These include a reduction in headaches, red eyes, and blurred or double vision. Studies even show that walks in nature reduce symptoms of myopia or nearsightedness in younger generations.  

  1. Replenishes and restores mental energy

Mental fatigue is a common occurrence among individuals who work their hardest. But experts have suggested an inexpensive way to get back into gear— nature walks. The great outdoors, or pictures of it to the very least, restore the mental energy that we spend daily. So, to uncover a proper mental boost, spend time in nature as much as possible.  

  1. Betters concentration

Just when your attention dwindles, it helps to walk outside and take a deep breath. You will find it surprising how this simple effort improves your focus and concentration. Studies involving ADHD patients showed a great improvement in their concentration by just spending a few minutes walking in nature. This shows that even for more serious conditions, there is a safe and widely accessible tool that we can always count on.

  1. Improves short-term memory

A study conducted at the University of Michigan has proven how nature walks affect ones’ short-term memory. Subjects belonged to two groups. The first group walked around the arboretum, and the second walked down the street. Both groups underwent a brief memory test as well. Results showed that those who walked in nature did 20% better than the other group. This supports the idea that our working memory is elevated when walking in nature.

  1. Increases longevity

It is commonly said that people living in rural areas live healthier and longer. This not a misconception though. In fact, there are pieces of scientific evidence showing the truth of this claim. Most of this evidence proved people who spend time in nature, reduce the risk of suffering a lung and/or kidney disease, or cancer. Their mortality rate is also lower, and there is an overall boost to their health and longevity. The reason being the combined reduction in stress and fatigue, improved social contact and better quality of air.  

  1. Develops memory and creativity

The psychological outdoor walking benefits seem to have no boundaries. Though there is still no way to quantify all benefits, studies assure these improve cognitive functioning and creativity. Aside from restoring memory, nature therapy also boosts the creative problem-solving ability of walkers. It’s no wonder why some of the world’s most creative artists have the environment as their creative subject.

  1. May fight cancer-causing diseases

As previously indicated, outdoor walking benefits the health, especially in terms of cancer prevention. Even more, studies elaborate that this is a promising subject for future research. Experts also state that nature therapy stimulates the production of anti-cancer proteins. Whatever the truth may be, it pays off to have a relaxing trip in nature every now and then.


The 9 scientifically proven outdoor walking benefits presented in this article are a fraction of people’s experiences. By dedicating yourself to the practice, you’ll understand what it can do more effectively. So, to boost your mental and physical well-being, spend ample time with nature’s gift.