What You Need to Know About Orgone Pendants

Orgone Pendants

Know about Orgone Pendants: Technology advancements have greatly contributed to exposure to emf radiation, which is associated with various health risks like insomnia, damage to cells, and cancer. For this reason, most people are considering healing crystals as an alternative to improve their health and energy levels. Orgone is one popular option due to its claimed ability to purify energy and improve overall well-being.

There are many remarkable tales in the world of healing gemstones. The most enthralling one is the Orgone crystal, which seems to arouse the curiosity of virtually anyone who comes into contact with the crystal. Orgone pendants offer emf protection and can filter and balance the energy around you.

What is an Orgone Pendants?

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian physician, was the first to discover Orgone. He experimented with different materials and realized that organic materials attract and maintain Orgone energy. This is the foundational principle of orgonite.

Orgonite is a combination of organic and inorganic particles immersed in a resin. The flow of energy inside Orgonite is very strong because it contains many metal molecules that pulsate energy.

Quartz crystals and other gemstones are added because of their piezoelectric property. This means that they produce an energy charge when exposed to the constant pressure of the sinking resin.

Orgone helps us clean stagnant energy and improve our positive energy because of the dynamic energy flow that occurs within the resin. As it is made from resin, it can be molded into different forms, the most common one is the pyramid form. People normally put Orgone pyramids in their house, office, or bedroom.

Kylie Jenner was once spotted showing of one her orgonite collections in an Instagram post. Another famous person caught using orgonite is Willow Smith. He even made his own orgonite.

Still, Orgone pyramids are not meant to be carried around. Thus, manufacturers have made Orgone pendants so people can have Orgone crystal in a wearable form. This way, it is possible to get organite benefits even when on the go.

What are the Materials Used in Orgone Pendant?

The benefits of an Orgone pendant dependent on the type of materials used inside the resin. Therefore, it is important for you to know what materials are used in the Orgone pendant so that you can match the pendant with your needs.


Amethysts encourage relaxation and tranquility. In Greek mythology, a titan called Rhea gave an amethyst to the god of wine, Dionysus, to help him maintain his mental stability. Some of today’s health practitioners use amethysts to treat addictions instead of modern medicine.


Black obsidian, a magnificent natural stone made from thickened volcanic lava. The color black associated with the water element in feng shui, which reflects goodness, depth, and dynamism.


Negative energy and stress, consumed and neutralized by Fluorite. It improves our focus, self-confidence, and judgment abilities. It promotes positivity, enhances energies, and increases physical and mental balance and coordination.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz, activates the heart chakra, encouraging devotion and reconciliation. Pure quartz, used by practitioners for countless generations to clear the mind and cure internal organs.


Moonstone plays a role at the beginning of new cycles. To bring prosperity and good fortunes as well.

Similar to anything related to energy therapy, the effects of Orgone crystals usually differ from person to person. Some people can experience the healing effects instantly, while others may experience it progressively.

How to Use an Orgone Pendants?

Aside from all the popular stories and alleged health benefits, Orgone pendants are simply beautiful to own and look at. Using an Orgone pendant is very simple. You can simply place the pendant in your living room, bedroom, or office space and it will naturally regulate the energy around it on its own.

When you are working with a desktop computer or laptop, you can place the Orgone pendant on your desk or anywhere near your computer to reduce the effect of any harmful EMF radiation. Also, you can wear it as a necklace or hold it in your palm while meditating to help you connect with the energy around you.

You can always find a bunch of options available in both offline and online gem stores. Alternatively, you can request for personalized Orgone crystals to fit your preferences and needs. Furthermore, there is an abundance of helpful YouTube videos that can show you how to make Orgone pendants, including the materials required to make them.


Orgone pendants’ benefits may not be as powerful as Orgone pyramids due to their small size. But, given the fact, it is wearable and easy to carry around, Orgone pendants are a good alternative.

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