What are the Shungite pyramid benefits?

What are the Shungite pyramid benefits

What are the Shungite pyramid benefits?

The Shungite Pyramid is perfect for wave protection and regeneration. It is available in several diameters 3 and 4 and 5 cm. All our pyramids are purified & energized before delivery and their quality is certified with a minimum of 30% carbon.

More about Shungite:

If you want to know more about shungite, you are on the right blog. Shungite is also known as “the smart stone”. It is a carbonaceous mineral that was first seen in a village called Shunga, in Karelia, Russia, from where its name comes.

Shungite is the only mineral in the world that contains “fullerenes” in its natural state, this is a special type of molecular form of carbon.

Shungite is being studied for use in nanotechnology and research on some diseases. Some scientists, after having investigated Shungite, have declared that it is a unique mineral and that it could become the main component of the new medicine of the 21st century. Various studies show that this stone absorbs and eliminates electromagnetic energy that comes from 5G networks.

Shungite is believed to have formed millions of years ago due to a meteorite colliding with planet Earth. It is part of the minerals known as “of the new age”, although it is a very old mineral. It is a black stone, in appearance, similar to coal; but its physical and vibrational structure is different and unique.

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Why use a shungite pyramid?

The pyramids are relays for receiving energy from the cosmos. They increase the power of concentration at all levels. They are also known for their multiple uses in the fields of spiritual development and magic. Very powerful also to strengthen your rituals and re-energize your living spaces.

Energy balancer:

Shungite pyramid used to rebalance our energy system. It is used, which is a stone that is found in the same place as Shungite but contains more magnesium and its color is pearl gray.

Shungite is taken with the left hand, the one that receives and accumulates. The way of taking is reversed in left-handed people. This system calms the mind, aids in meditation and concentration, cleanses the aura and generally improves people’s lives. Energy rebalancing, when done regularly, brings calm and balance.

Tips for using the Shungite pyramids:

– The pyramid must always have a face towards the magnetic north

– Placed on you, it treats the part of the body to be relieved and the underactive or overactive chakras

– Placed in a room, you benefit from the positive vibrations of this sacred form as well as that of Shungite.

– Under a bed, the pyramid harmonizes your sleep thanks to its vibration

– In meditation, increases psychic energy and helps you work on negative anchors.

– It allows you to recharge your stones by placing them under the pyramid for a minimum of 1 hour

The unique and mysterious origin of Shungite:

Black in color with white veins of steatite, very light, Shungite looks like coal. However, unlike coal from the mineralization of plants, its origin comes from planktonic deposits dating back more than 2 billion years of existence. Composed essentially of fullerenes. Shungite is to date, the only organic mineral known to contain in itself all of the terrestrial chemical elements.

The stones may present cracks, cleavages, and inclusions, still present after polishing, which do not diminish the quality or the properties of the mineral, but emphasize its natural character.

Its powerful properties:

Shungite has 2 powerful areas of application:

– Exceptional shielding against harmful electromagnetic radiation: computers, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile phones, WiFi, 5G network, etc.

– Amazing properties on all living organisms: improves, protects, neutralizes, and regenerates

Shungite is an intelligent stone that knows how to adapt, according to the needs of the person who uses it. It amplifies thought and energy when directed to help others.

Shungite, help improve general well-being and has a stress-fighting effect. It transmits happiness, gives us security, and calms and relieves pain.

In our online store, we have several models of shungite pendants, and all of them come with an adjustable cotton cord.

We hope that this article has helped you to get to know the shungite and shungite pyramids more closely and that you find the ideal pendant model in our store.

Benefits in lithotherapy of Shungite:

– Protects the body from harmful waves

– Activates the circulation of body fluids

– Strengthens the immune system and metabolism

– Stimulates very tired people for a boost of energy

– Relieves sore throat or inflamed tonsils laying directly on it

– Retains harmful electromagnetic and electrical waves (clean your pyramid regularly)

Emotional & mental level:

– Deep anchorage

– Brings calm and balance

– Stone for the protection of places and people

– Aligns the energy bodies and harmonizes the chakras between them

Shungite purification & recharging:

– Remember to purify and recharge your pyramids as often as possible

– Purify by passing under running water or sage smoke

– Recharge by exposing it to the sun or place it in a cluster of quartz

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