What are the Benefits of Using Shungite Stone

Benefits of Using Shungite Stone

Benefits of Using Shungite Stone: Recently, healing crystals have gained popularity because many people believe that these stones possess healing qualities for the body, mind, and soul. Commonly, healing crystals are used in alternative and complementary medicine. But more and more scientists are becoming interested in producing various studies about this stone.

There are many known varieties of healing crystals. One of the most exceptional stones that people find magnificent is known as Shungite. It is a rare black stone that contains a high percentage of carbon; through research and analysis, experts have found out that it contains 99% carbon.

Many people claim that using the Shungite stone is effective against harmful germs, free radicals, pollutants and even gives EMF protection or protection from electromagnetic field exposure.

What are the Benefits of Using Shungite Stone

But how can this stone be that powerful? Learn about the benefits of Shungite in detail in this article.

Destroys Harmful Viruses and Bacterias

Shungite consists of fullerenes. These are carbon nanostructures (CNS) that can destroy harmful pathogens such as microbes, bacteria, and viruses. No matter how they may be unseen by the naked eye, these harmful microscopic organisms get killed once Shungite is used.

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Decontaminates Water

This powerful stone can also act as a natural water filtration system. Since it can fight off germs and other microbes, Shungite, used in the past to purify water. It can remove impurities, contaminants, and other organic substances found in water, making it safer for humans.

Some studies confirm that Shungite can add essential mineral components like magnesium, calcium, and oxygen to water removing the odor and bad taste in the water.

Effective Antioxidant

Shungite has been a known antioxidant. It boosts the antioxidant enzymes in the body, and with this, it helps in repairing damaged cells, especially in the skin. Scientists confirm through various studies that this stone can help improve the human immune system to keep it healthy and free from diseases.

Reduces Inflammation

Scientists have found out that Shungite aids in reducing body inflammation. It is promising, especially in the treatment of various inflammatory diseases that affect humans for the longest time.

Relieves Physical Ailments

Shungite, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, can help ease bodily ailments like chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, liver problems, arthritis, allergies, asthma, kidney problems, sore throats, gallbladder issues, and pancreatic dysfunction and helps detoxify and heal the body.

Gives EMF Protection

It’s believed that Shungite helps shield people from electromagnetic field exposure. This is one of the most beneficial uses of this stone since it can neutralize harmful EMFs coming from our appliances, gadgets, computers, and the technology we use every day.

Effective in Relieving Stress

Shungite, according to testimonies of people who have tried using it, say that this stone can help balance emotions and sweep negative energy away. It helps lower anxiety as well as stress because of its ability to absorb negative energy.

Most people meditate using Shungite. They focus on this stone as part of their meditation. Doing this can bring calmness to mind and can significantly help in lowering blood pressure. People report that negative energies and thoughts alleviate after they start using Shungite.

Helps You Feel Grounded

Shungite, called the stone of life or a miracle stone. Shungite is often regarded to induce positive change and transformation in a person who uses it. A Shungite chakra helps people focus more and makes them feel more grounded or connected to the earth.

Most people experience spiritual breakthroughs since Shungite helps vanquish spiritual imbalances. A person using this stone may feel that his personal power increases through the integration of cosmic wisdom and karmic lessons. Hence, this person will be highly able to overcome times of uncertainty or darkness in his life.

People who believe in the power of Shungite wear this stone as part of their jewelry. Personal accounts reveal that anytime they feel overwhelmed and pressured, they can instantly shift their attention to the stone, start to meditate, and perform rhythmic breathing to help them get back to their core and achieve clarity of the mind.

Other people testify that their Shungite experiences are out of the ordinary. Because of the belief that this stone holds ancient energy, different cosmic messages can be received in different ways, but most commonly, through meaningful dreams. People feel that this is the kind of guide they are waiting for, especially when they want to improve their lives. It’s a perfect stone that helps people to uncover deep mysteries and receive ancient wisdom.

Final Words

Shungite shows a promising future in taking care of the healthcare and wellbeing of humans. There’s generally no harm in trying it. However, remember to use it as a complementary type of self-care and is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment for now. More scientists are still studying this powerful stone with all of its known benefits.
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