What are the benefits of Shungite at workplace

benefits of Shungite at workplace

Benefits of Shungite at workplace: Shungite is a unique mineral. Hundreds of scientific tests have been carried out, which have verified its different qualities. It is a unique stone.

Shungite is part of the so-called New Age minerals. It is a very solid carbonaceous mineral, generally black (although there are also dark gray and brown. In the world, it is found in Karelia, a republic belonging to Russia, in the town of Shunga.

Shungite is very effective. It protects from the harmful radiation that comes from 5G networks and shungite increases energy in your environment. There are several products of shungite such as pendants, cubes, spheres, rings, etc.

Believed to be 2 billion years old. Its properties and applications are currently in full development, being the scientific fields of nanotechnology and the fight against cancer, the ones that are studying it the most.

Shungite is called the intelligent stone, it knows how to adapt according to the needs of the person who uses it. It amplifies the thought and energy of therapists in order to help others. It’s relatively light, and protects, cleanses, regenerates, improves, and neutralizes. Shungite is applied to the affected area and the healing process gets started.

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Scientific aspects – benefits of Shungite at workplace

Some scientists attribute such behavior to it as a “black hole”, since it absorbs and neutralizes electromagnetic, geomagnetic, and even other harmful energies. Therefore, it is used to neutralize the negative energies that surrounds or reachs us out.

We are surrounded by hundreds of devices those generate a harmful electromagnetic field (computers, routers, transformers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions, ovens, microwaves, televisions, telecommunications antennas, power lines, high voltage towers, etc.). Along with geopathic of the planet (Hartman and Curry line crossings, underground water currents, tectonic faults, etc.) that can be in our place of rest or place of work and affect us while we remain in them.

If we add to all this our own psycho-emotional stress and the energetic influence of other people with whom we interact, it is honestly difficult to remain relaxed.

All these harmful vibrations generate stress in the body that affects the psyche and therefore the emotional state. The vitality, that energetic state that helps us to be well to face our daily activities, can also be seriously affected, thus needing different stimulants, which in no way manage to achieve the vital balance that we should enjoy.

This black stone absorbs and eliminates what is harmful to people’s health. Among others, it is useful to reactivate cellular intelligence, relieve body pain, and unblock and reactivate energy centers. It is recommended to use it, when you are in active mode or moving. When you go to sleep we recommend leaving it on your bedside table.

Shungite pyramid:

It is not by chance that pyramids have become the most popular shungite products. Since time immemorial the pyramid has played an important role in the development of civilization. This is because the shape of the pyramid creates a torsion field around it that reflects radiation.

Thanks to the regular use of the shungite pyramids the energy capacity of the organization improves as well as the biofield. With regular usage, nervousness gets reduced, sleep is normalized and the ability to work increases.

Likewise, these pyramids improve the psycho-emotional state and make vertebral and rheumatic pain disappear. The installation of a single pyramid in a house offers a serene environment, conducive to rest. The relationships between the people who are in this space will improve and the conflicts will disappear. Its beign attested by all of its users.

Know the benefits of Shungite at the workplace:

– Makes your employees happy all-day

– Increases the productivity of your employees

– Safeguards the health of your employees

– Reduces hazards

– Increases self-confidence

– Senses of propriety

– Overall infection free life

Shungite – Contains all elements:

The composition of Shungite is unique, it contains all the elements of terrestrial chemical elements and it is a better electrical conductor than gold. The main components that make it unique are the “Fullerenes”, a carbon molecule that can take a geometric shape reminiscent of a sphere.

Shungite is the only mineral on Earth that contains “Fullerenes”, these “Fullerenes”, due to their physical and quantum properties, make it a special mineral.

It is considered “intelligent” because it fulfills its mission based on the need of the subject that is in contact with it. Your energy is activated based on the need. It is a kind of “black hole” that restores what should be in place both on the physical and vibrational planes. It is also a mineral, those never charged, it does not need cleaning.

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