The Correlation Between Gadget Usage and EMF Exposure in Kids this Pandemic

EMF Exposure in Kids this Pandemic

The Correlation Between Gadget Usage and EMF Exposure in Kids this Pandemic- With so many things to worry about today, it can be easy to overlook health hazards that you might encounter on a daily basis. One of the most significant and most under-considered health risks affecting people worldwide is EMF exposure.

Since the coronavirus pandemic engulfed the world, there have been increased cases of children using digital gadgets such as cell phones to play video games, connect with friends or study online. Read on to stay enlightened about the harmful effects of radiation from gadgets and get tips on children EMF protection

The Dangers of EMF Exposure in kids

You might not be aware, but EMFs are all around you, coming from everything around us, whether power stations or our everyday appliances. For instance, taking a snap using a cell phone exposes the skin to some amounts of EMF.

Many people are unaware that children are at a much greater risk than adults regarding EMF Radiation. When the body of a small child is exposed to intense levels of EMF radiation, it can lead to many health problems in the long run, including cancer. The problem with EMF radiation is that you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, and you can’t hear it.

Here are some effects of EMFs that parents should know about:

  • Stress

A study found that people exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) had a higher level of the hormone cortisol in their blood than those exposed to only fragile magnetic fields.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress and is known as the stress hormone. It suppresses the immune system, reduces the body’s ability to fight infection, increases blood pressure, can cause blood sugar levels to rise, suppresses the reproductive system, and contributes to weight gain.

  • Fatigue

EMFs’ real problem is that they are cumulative and cause fatigue and headache. The more devices you use, the higher the emf levels surround you. EMF sensitivity can develop gradually over time because these fields do not affect everyone in the same way.

However, once someone becomes sensitive, they may experience a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms that impair their quality of life. The effects can be intermittent or constant depending on what causes them. For instance, a child that uses a cell phone consistently might be more affected than the one who uses it once in a while.

  • Cancer

It is impossible to confirm the link between EMFs and cancer because it takes so long for symptoms to show. Experts have long suspected that some types of cancer are linked to environmental factors, such as lifestyle choices, exposure to chemicals and radiation, or certain infections. They also established that electromagnetic radiation could cause DNA damage, leading to tumors later in life.

What You Can Do to Reduce Radiation From Your Gadgets

Even after knowing that radiation from your devices is harmful to your children’s health, you also know it’s challenging to avoid. Here are some tips on how to avoid radiation from cell phones:

  • Purchase a radiation reducing/blocking case

A radiation-reducing case is recommended for smartphones because it is easy to lower exposure by up to 90% with no impact on cell service or battery life. With various radiation-reducing cases in the market, you can choose the most ideal for your children’s needs.

  • Turn off your smartphone when not in use.

Turn off your cell phone when not in use. Also, turn on the Airplane Mode when you sleep at night, preferably putting your phone in another room if it is necessary to keep on. This will help reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to while sleeping.

  • Avoid putting your cell phone next to your skin

If you’re worried about the radiation emitted by your cell phone, keep it away from your body. For example, carry your cellphone in a bag instead of placing it next to your skin. The electromagnetic radiation from cellphones can cause a reaction in your skin known as phototoxicity.

  • Use speaker-phone mode when talking to others

Radiation from your cell phone can be reduced by using speaker-phone mode or a wireless earpiece. This option reduces the number of electromagnetic waves directed towards your head and body.

  • Limit the amount of time children spend on the cell phone

Talk to your kids about how much time they spend on their cell phones each week. Set a specific time each day for cell phone usage. When it is bedtime, switch off the cell phones and take out the chargers. The only exception should be in case of emergencies.

Bottom line about EMF exposure in kids

Children are at a much greater risk than adults because their skulls are thinner, and their brains are still developing. They absorb more radiation from cell phones than adults because of their thinner skulls. Emf protection in children should be an issue of concern to avoid health issues.

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