Orgone Going Mainstream: Celebrities Using Orgone for Wellbeing

orgone for wellbeing

Orgone for Wellbeing : Healing crystals are back in style, and celebrities are getting in on the act. Many believe that by wearing and surrounding themselves with those beautiful gems, they will get better energy, EMF protection, and overall wellbeing.

One of the gemstones popular among celebrities is orgone. Read below to know what orgone is and why celebrities are craving for it.

What Is Orgone?

There are many exciting stories in the contemporary world of healing crystals. Perhaps, the most captivating one comes from the orgonite stone, which appears to draw nearly everyone’s interest. Orgone is one of the most famous crystal rocks nowadays.

Orgone was found first by an Austrian psychiatrist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He worked on various substances and discovered that organic materials attract and retain orgone energy. This would then become the underlying concept of orgonite.

Orgonite, as it is known today, is a composite of several metal particles immersed in a resin matrix. Since Orgonite contains many metal molecules that pulsate energy, the energy flow within it is very powerful.

Quart crystals are typically added due to their piezoelectric attribute, which means it generates energy charge when exposed to the constant pressure of the sinking resin.

Because of the dynamic energy flow inside the resin, orgones are believed to help us clean stagnant energy and boost our positive energy.

Celebrities Using Orgone for Wellbeing

Celebrities wearing healing crystals in their daily lives have contributed to orgone’s growing popularity. They show up in public wearing orgone pendants and showing some of their orgone collections on their social media posts.

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Jaden and Willow Smith

When it comes to celebrities using orgone for wellbeing, one name that often comes up is Jaden Smith. Together with his sibling, Willow Smith, and his Msfts Crew, he uploaded several social media posts showing his interest and love for orgone.

He was seen with an orgone pyramid in his hand. On one Twitter post, he also spotted making the resin-based crystal with his Msfts crew.

Kylie Jenner

Along with Jaden and Willow Smith, Kylie Jenner is another celebrity joining the orgonite trend. Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner even went crystal shopping together.

On one of her Instagram posts, she showed off one of her orgone pyramids. The pyramid is a little bigger than her palm, and it looks like it is filled with sparkling metal particles. She wrote “love” in the post’s caption.

Another photo shows Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith’s friends lounged around a table with materials like resin and quartz crystals, as well as safety equipment like goggles and gloves, spread out in front of them.

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette is another celebrity, interested in the orgone crystals. She had an in-depth discussion with Michelle Hood, another orgonite enthusiast, about what the crystal is all about.

Victoria Beckham and Adele

Victoria Beckham and Adele are other famous figures who use Orgone crystals. Adele said the crystals helped her crush her anxiety during her comeback show. Victoria Beckham, on the other hand, said that she always travels them.

Orgone’s Benefits

It doesn’t matter whether the celebrities above collect orgone just for the sake of trends or for their wellbeing. After all, orgone crystals are known for their health benefits.

It is claimed to help us improve our immunity and our overall energy levels. It also allows us to remove our stressors because it can project higher vibration, enabling us to be more positive in our unconscious level.

The use of different materials inside the crystal can bring other impacts as well. For example, incorporating copper and amethyst into the orgone pyramid will improve perception and spiritual protection.

Also, since we all now live in a place packed with electromagnet frequencies, orgone crystals will help by giving us EMF protection. Moreover, because orgone crystals balance out our energy levels, it will help us get better sleep.

However, as with anything related to energy healing, the impacts of orgone crystals vary from individual to individual. Some people feel the power immediately, while others feel it gradually.

Conclusion: Orgone for wellbeing

Apart from all the famous stories and the claimed health benefits, orgone crystals are still lovely to have and look at. There are a lot of options available on offline and online gem shops. You can even order custom orgone crystals to match your tastes and needs.

There are also tons of informative YouTube videos teaching you how to create your own orgone crystals, including the materials needed. Those videos will also tell you how those crystals supposedly clean pollutants out of the air around you.

Furthermore, with more media outlets showing celebrities using orgone crystals and more people telling the world how orgone crystals have improved their lives, it is not surprising that orgone’s trend will continue to increase in the coming years.

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