How to Use Orgone Energy for EMF Protection

Orgone Energy for EMF Protection
Did you know how to Use Orgone Energy for EMF Protection? Precious gemstones and crystals such as Orgone, also known as Orgonite, have increased in popularity in the past few years because of their beautiful appearance. In this article, you will learn how to use Orgone pyramid against EMF. Continue reading below for more valuable information.

Orgone: What is it and How Does it Protect You Against EMF?

Before anything else, it’s important that you know what Orgone is and how it works. Orgone is a concept that was first introduced by a man named Wilhelm Reich in 1930. It is described as an omnipresent substance that is massless and similar to the luminiferous aether. However, it’s more closely associated with inert matter or living energy. Orgone is listed by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health as a kind of “putative energy.” This means that it’s a subtle form of important energy that infuses the cumulative living systems. According to studies, Orgone has properties that neutralize EMF radiation. The science behind it is quite simple; it’s because it has several metals in its structure. Most of these can mitigate EMF radiation.

Ways on How to Use Orgone Energy for EMF Protection

Here are some of the methods on how you can use Orgonite for EMF protection:

Bury It Near the Sources of EMF Radiation

One way of using Orgonite for EMF protection is to bury it near a big source. This can be done to cell towers or even Wifi sources in your homes. You don’t have to bury it too deep. Just make sure it’s covered by soil, and it will not easily wash away when there is heavy rain. However, before you bury anything somewhere, make sure that doing so is legal. Do not risk the chance of breaking the law just to enter a premise and bury some Orgone.

Wear It

You can also wear Orgone to get the best of its EMF protection benefit. Having it with at all times can help purify the atmosphere affected by EMF pollution. There are plenty of Orgone in necklace form. They come in different shapes and designs so you can still remain stylish and fashionable.

Carry an Orgonite Piece with You

Suppose wearing an Orgone necklace is something that you are unwilling to do. In that case, you might want to consider putting it on your desk where you work most of the time or carrying it in your bag or wallet. As long as you have it with you at all times, you can get most of its benefits.

Make a Towerbuster

Towerbusters are small shot glass-size Orgones. These can be easily made with crystals, and they work well against EMF produced by mobile phones.

Orgonite Crystals: Real vs. Fake

Now that you know more about Orgone, you might be wondering, “how to tell is Orgonite is real”? Here are some signs that differentiate real Orgonite crystals from the fake ones:


One way of telling whether an orgonite crystal is real or fake is through its source. There are plenty of reputable sellers out there, so it’s safe to just buy from them. This is because it’s less likely for them to sell fake versions because it can undermine the reputation that they work hard to build for years.


Price is also a big indicator that an Orgone is real or fake. These usually cost around $1 to $35, which is considerably affordable. However, there are some people who sell it for hundreds of dollars. You might want to consider that as a red flag and ask the seller why it’s very expensive. Suppose you are buying an Orgone pyramid, and it contains other types of crystals. In that case, it being a bit more expensive can be reasonable. Again, try your best to be vigilant and ask the seller. If they give you satisfying reasoning, then go ahead, but if they are dodgy about it, you might want to consider buying from somewhere else.


Another way of telling that an Orgone crystal is fake is when it has little to no metal in its matrix. These usually appear to be crystals suspended in resin with a coil or image as a result of scattering brass shavings.

Final Words

Using Orgone for EMF protection is fairly easy. You just need to have it with you or put it in a place where EMF radiation is constant so that it can neutralize its effect. However, take note that the benefits of Orgone against EMF are not absolute. You still need to do other preventive measures, such as turning off EMF sources when not in use and avoiding exposure to it as much as possible.
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