How Shungite can protect old people?

How Shungite can protect old people

Shungite can protect old people: Did you know Shungite can protect old people also? Yes, that is true. Shungite helps to boost up your energy, relieves stress, purifies the body and mind, heals, detoxifies the body, protects from harmful EMFs, and increases overall mental and physical balance.

The origin of Shungite is found in the mineralization of plankton, a small living being. Some of these deposits would be at least several million years old. According to a Russian legend, Peter the Great would have opened the first thermal baths in Russia in the shungite stone deposits.

Benefits Shungite can protect old people:

– It is the best mental health treatment

– Ability to help them heal and detox

– It soothes insomnia

– Help clear blockages around the 6th and 7th chakras

– Improves energy level

– An incredible stress reducer

– A super healing power

– Reduces inflammation 

– And much more…..

 It is said that the Martsialnye Vody Spa has been used for more than three centuries to treat and soothe suffering people. Recently some samples have detected the presence of “fullerenes”, a compound molecule, in the composition of these hot springs. This stone is elemental carbon, non-crystalline, and with a structure incapable of graphitization.

What is Shungite?

Shungite is one of the New Age minerals. It is an extraordinary and unique mineral on Earth. It is being studied for use in modern nanotechnology. Various studies show that this stone absorbs and eliminates what is harmful to people and living beings, especially electromagnetic energy.

Shungite is credited with the ability to purify, charge, protect, cure, heal and stabilize living organisms. It also filters and purifies water from almost all organic compounds that are harmful to humans including metals, microorganisms, and bacteriaAccording to various testimonies, filtered water with shungite improves the general state, reducing stress, and increasing the state of calm and tranquillity.

Shungite magical properties:

This mineral has a deep grounding effect, it allows you to refocus energies on the Earth. It carries out the job of aligning our energetic bodies and allows your chakras to start working in harmony again.

The shungite stone with its many features effectively protects against all negative influences. Used in the form of a pendant, or a bracelet, it will allow you to always carry it with you.

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Shungite healing properties:

It is a rock that has been used primarily for healing purposes for several centuries. It has been found to have many characteristics that help in convalescence to improve energy metabolism. Activates the circulation of body fluids and allows the renewal of energy. It effectively harmonizes the environment in which it is placed and, in addition to neutralizing harmful radiation in our body (microwaves, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, etc.), repairs the damage caused by them.

Wearing a shungite stone as a pendant, on a bracelet, or in your pocket is a perfect way to protect yourself during your professional activities or on public transport, where electromagnetic waves are more present due to the multitude of devices in use.

In addition, Shungite treats, purifies, protects, regenerates, and is even beneficial for enriching the soil. In Karelia, the region of origin of shungite stones, it has been observed that the higher the concentration of these natural rocks in the soil, the larger the cultivated potatoes.

This mineral is not only beneficial for health but also beautiful in every way. Deep black and composed of veins of silver for some and ochre for others, in addition to harmonizing the place where you place it, it will serve as a magnificent decoration. Millions of people have already adopted this gift of nature by using it in filters and preparations. Thus, the raw mineral is used to purify water.

Why is shungite called the intelligent stone?

It is a mineral that is active depending on the needs that each one of us has. It filters and restores what should be in its place, acting only when it is needed.

What to consider before buying a Shunghite Bracelet?

A smart way to use this stone is by taking it with us. Thus, a Shungite bracelet is an ideal and elegant solution to feel the balancing and activating vibrations of this mineral in our being and organism. Another elegant way to wear shungite and all its beneficial effects are in the form of a pendant. Make sure you buy guaranteed Shungite stone.

Is shungite dangerous?

Not at all. Shungite’s energy, even though it is very powerful, is not dangerous, except in exceptional cases of hypersensitivity to this mineral.

Shunghite contraindications:

It is not convenient to use shungite (although it is not dangerous) in the following cases:

– In case of fevers associated with infectious diseases.

– Before severe psychological disorders such as bipolarity or schizophrenia.

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