Effective Ways of Protecting Our Children from EMF Exposure Inside Our Homes During the Pandemic

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Effective Ways of Protecting Our Children from EMF Exposure Inside Our Homes During the Pandemic: Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, are radiation emitted by digital devices and electronic appliances such as TVs, smartphones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, tablets, laptops, baby monitors, etc.

Unfortunately, EMF has potential health effects not only on adults but on children as well. According to research, cell phone users are likely to get a brain tumor, with children being more susceptible to it.

Although EMF has negative impacts, most people don’t pay attention to its effects. This is especially true with the advent of social media during the pandemic.  But what makes a family secure during this time of the pandemic? The good thing is that you can find a good tech-life balance and put in the right measures to ensure emf protection for your children. 

Here are 10 ways to protect your children from the harmful EMF exposure during these perilous times.

  1. Invest in EMF Protection Shields

Smartphones are becoming part of most people’s lives and it is nearly impossible not to use them. Besides, children nowadays use smartphones to study and entertain themselves with movies and games.

While you can’t eliminate gadgets from your home, you can protect your household from radiation emitted by them. The market is packed with RF shields and accessories that are designed to lower the risk of radiation exposure.

  1. Limit Screen Time 

Devices like TVs, laptops, and tablets are a great way to keep kids engaged and entertained. Portable devices are also used by older kids and teenagers to socialize and interact with their friends on social media. In fact, 29% of children start using gadgets when they are still toddlers and 70% of these children master the use of these gadgets by the time they start primary school.

However, too much screen time can lead to technology addiction and put children at risk of EMF exposure. What’s more, it can distract them from other useful activities and engagements. An effective solution is to limit their screen time and give them the much-needed break from radiation exposure. 

Instead, encourage them to spend more time outside and interact with other kids. Also, let them engage in physical activity to help them get stronger. Whichever screen time limits you set, ensure that you stick with them.

  1. Turn On Airplane Mode

One way to minimize your child’s exposure to EMF is by putting the device in airplane mode. Children use gadgets to stream and download movies and games. As a result, this can expose them to harmful radiation. A good tip is to download the game or movie first and then turn on the airplane mode when giving your child to use. 

  1. Discourage Them From Sitting Near Appliances

Know the gadgets that emit the most radiation in your home and ensure that you place them far from your children. Devices like a laptop, tablets, smartphones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, and cordless phones are known sources of radiation and they can greatly expose your children to EMF. You need to ensure that these items are in another location far from your kid’s room and other common areas where your kids spend the most time.

  1. Use LAN to Connect to the Internet

It is almost inevitable to connect to the internet and stream online. While Wi-Fi makes this possible, it can expose you and your child to potentially harmful energy fields. Although the total RF-EMF exposure of Wifi is only below 10%, it can accumulate over time.

A great alternative is to connect to the internet via LAN as much as possible. This can significantly help to protect children from wireless exposure.

  1. Shut Off Gadgets at Night

Unknown to most people, parents, and kids are likely to be exposed to radiation during the night. An effective emf protection tip is to turn off and unplug all your devices including Wi-Fi routers, smartphones, and televisions, when your kids retire to bed.

Also, don’t forget to keep the devices from your kid’s bedside or baby crib notwithstanding if you have put it on airplane mode. This is because the battery is more likely to emit magnetic fields. 

What’s more, a study has shown that EMF radiation can negatively impact the quality of sleep since the body can perceive radiation as it does for light. When this happens, the pineal gland, which produces the melatonin hormone that regulates sleep, slows down the production. 

  1. Opt for Air-Tube Headsets

If your kids enjoy music, consider investing in air-tube headsets to protect them from everyday EMF exposure. Unlike traditional headsets, air-tube headsets don’t use metal components to amplify sound. Consequently, this can lower their radiation exposure by a great deal. Alternatively, you can put the phone on speakerphone as this will emit less radiation compared to using Bluetooth wireless headsets.  

  1. Text Rather Than Make Calls

Texts are much safer than calls since they emit minimal electromagnetic fields. According to the California Department of Health, the effects of EMF exposure can be more harmful and long-lasting on children and teenagers since their brains and bodies are still developing. Hence, it is much safer to text with kids rather than call them. Most importantly, avoid making calls when the battery is low as this increases the signal, causing the device to emit more radiation. 


While gadgets can make lives easier, they are sources of harmful radiation. Hence, you need to be aware of EMF radiation sources in your home and take the necessary precautions to protect your kids. The tips above are effective ways of protecting family members from the prolonged effects of EMF radiation. Also, ensure that you educate your kids about the possible negative outcomes of electromagnetic fields so they can also make the effort to prevent this exposure. 

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