Does Shungite protect from EMF and 5G?

Does Shungite protect from EMF and 5G

Shungite protect from EMF and 5G:

A huge deployment of an advanced wireless network is essential to support Internet of Things apps, low-latency communications, and several broadband connectivities. But the impact of the 5th generation of the cellular network (5G) on human health is devastating.

Thanks to the earth we have access to everything we need to live. Since it is what provides us with water and food, but there is also a large number of minerals. Which have excellent properties, and since the most remote times, beings humans have used for their benefit, as is the case with Shungite stones.

Of the many minerals that we can find on earth. Shungite could be said to be the favourite stone of royalty. People of all social levels are interested in it, even for use in very prominent war equipment, given the powers he possesses.

Shungite is an amorphous stone that is generally grey or black. So you might think it is coal, but in reality, it looks very pleasing to the eye. As well as standing out for being the only natural source of fullerene molecules.

This mineral is recognized as having therapeutic properties. These are capable of protecting living beings from electromagnetic waves that are very harmful.

Shungite protect from EMF and 5G:

Shungite features an enormously unique molecular structure. Usually it has a large, stable, and hollow carbon structures with a reductive and high oxidative capacity from which Shungite derives its antioxidant properties.

Discover what it is and what Shungite means.

Given the rarity and scarcity of Shungite, but above all because of the properties it possesses, we are going to dedicate this post to tell you everything you need to know about it, that you will surely find it interesting, and that you will want to have some in your home.

The name of this mineral is due to the place where it was originally discovered. Which was an area known as “Shunga”, which is located in the Karelia region of Russia. After that in other areas of Russia, it was achieved, as in the Congo and India.

At the time that Xenia used the Shungite water, many of the Shunga residents had made use of its healing properties. But it was at that moment that everyone learned about it, gaining the popularity it has to this day.

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Shungite Properties:

Using Shungite stones is very beneficial for people, helping to kill EMF and 5G radiation and improve their energetic well-being. That is why many people who know about it want to know about its properties, which we will detail below:

1. Helps make better decisions:

One of the properties that Shungite possesses is that it helps people to make better decisions in their lives. Especially when it comes to those that can change their lives completely, thus affecting them for long periods.

When a person is going to make a decision. Shungite helps them have a lot of reflection and clarifying dialogue inside. So that they have the greatest certainty that allows them to make better decisions and actions.

By reflecting and discussing before making a decision. It is less likely that there will be regret and frustration if the expected results are not given with it.

2. Eliminate negative thoughts:

Another of the properties that makes Shungite a very popular stone is that it eliminates the negative thoughts of those who are close to it. Thus giving them serenity since negativity will not contribute to their lives, it is only information. that will damage them internally.

Those who are close to Shungite in very difficult moments where it is impossible to be positive will be able to reflect better on the situation until they can eliminate their negative thoughts.

3. Help with protection:

Shungite is also considered a protective stone from negative energies that come from other people. As well as prevents our energy from being absorbed by those who are in low spirits, or who are in unstable situations.

4. Promotes peace and mental serenity:

All human beings need peace and mental serenity that affects them positively in their lives. So Shungite is perfect for achieving these virtues. Many of the people who use it assure that after using it they begin to feel more calm and serene.

How to use shungite stones?

If you have reached this point, it is because you found interesting what is related to Shungite stones. And now you want to know how you can use them, so we will tell you that it is not complicated at all. It is something simple, you just have to be close of it, either because it is as an ornament in your house, or because you use it in some personal garment. Taking into account that it is not recommended that you sleep with it, since that could cause you lack of sleep.

Thus, Shungite doesn’t only protect from EMF and 5G but it also has several other benefits.

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