Do Kids Need EMF Protection from Gadgets?

EMF Protection from Gadgets

Do Kids Need EMF Protection from Gadgets? Nowadays, people are surrounded by many electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, microwaves, Bluetooth gadgets, TVs, and WiFi devices. Technology has become part of everyday living, and many people cannot get through a day without these technologies.

Likewise, younger kids have also become reliant on laptops, tablets, and phones to keep themselves entertained. However, parents do not know that these gadgets expose children to electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF).

Too much exposure to EMF is harmful to the human body and can cause several health problems. Unfortunately, it’s now a significant challenge to avoid exposure to EMFs in today’s tech-infused world. Exposure to EMF is inevitable, and the only solution is to minimize or block the radiation through EMF protection.   

What is EMF?

In simple terms, electromagnetic frequency is radiation that is produced by electronic gadgets. In fact, all wireless electronic devices use microwave radiation for communication.

This type of radiation is invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is easy to dismiss its effects on children’s health. Consequently, kids are exposed to EMF when they spend too much time on phones and tablets.

What Are the Harmful Effects of EMF?

Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation among children can cause several health problems. As children spend more and more time on the screens, they risk the following health problems:

Memory loss

Children’s nervous system is more vulnerable than adults which is why prolonged exposure to EMF can cause memory loss.

  • Sleeping disorders

A study showed that EMF exposure can cause sleeping disorders in children. This is mostly because of the blue light that it emits which stimulates the body, preventing it from falling asleep.

  • Cancer

Some studies suggest that there’s a link between EMF exposure and higher risk for childhood leukemia.

These are just some of the harmful effects of too much exposure to EMF, and parents need to look for ways to provide EMF protection to their children. 

Is Phone Radiation Harmful? EMF Protection from Gadgets?

Contrary to the years before, today’s generation of kids is more readily exposed to mobile phones early. In fact, kids as young as five years old already own a smartphone.

Mobile phones emit radiation known as radiofrequency. Radiofrequency is an electromagnetic frequency that falls in the low frequency-low energy range. This range is also known as the non-ionizing range. However, the question remains, is phone radiation harmful?

Scientific research from various organizations, such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all show that there are inconclusive results on the relationship between mobile phones and health effects of exposure to radiofrequency. There is no scientific evidence that shows mobile phones cause cancer or other health problems.

However, cell phones still release radiation that can be harmful to the human body over time, especially to young kids. The average EMF emission of cell phones is 1.6 W/kg which is relatively low. But, together with other EMF emitting devices your exposure to EMF might be higher than you think.

How to Avoid Radiation from Cell Phones?

Although there is no scientific evidence that conclusively proves radiofrequency from mobile phones is harmful, phones are still wireless devices that emit electromagnetic frequency radiation. Kids who start using phones at a younger age will therefore have a lifetime exposure to EMFs. Therefore, parents should take measures to reduce exposure by reducing exposure from cell phones and other gadgets.

Here are a few tips on how to reduce radiation from phones while kids are using the gadgets: 

  • Make sure there is some distance between the phone and the child. It would be best if you always kept a safe distance between your kid and the phone. Doing so will create a safe distance between the body and the radiation from the phone.
  • Use anti-radiation phone accessories. Invest in radiation protective accessories such as anti-radiation phone cases to protect your child from EMF. Anti-radiation phone cases can act as a shield and block radiation from the phones.
  • Limit phone usage. It would be best if you also regulated how much time your kid spends on a phone. Institute time limits and rules on phone usage such as 1-hour maximum use during school nights. If possible, you should put the phone in airplane mode when the child is using it.
  • Never allow a child to sleep with their phone. Switch it off or switch it to airplane mode. Enforce a balanced diet. Make sure your kid takes a balanced diet, especially foods rich in iodine, such as bananas and lima beans. 
  • Encourage outdoor activities. Take time outside the house and away from technological gadgets. Engage your kids in outdoor activities such as gardening or outdoor games and reduce their increasing reliance on phones for entertainment.

Conclusion: Do kids need EMF Protection from Gadgets?

Technology is here to stay despite the alleged and proven dangers of too much usage. The current generation of children begins to use mobile phones at a young age compared to the older generation. This means that they will be exposed to EMFs for a longer time over their lifetime. Kids’ bodies are also still developing, and that means they are still vulnerable to external factors. They have smaller heads, thinner skulls, and more delicate bones. EMF radiations can easily penetrate their skin and bones. This can affect internal cells such as the brain cells, which are still developing.

Although there is no scientific evidence of the effects of phone radiation on the human body, any type of radiation is still harmful. Today’s modern houses have other gadgets that expose children to long-range frequency radiation.

Therefore, children must be protected from EMF radiation from home gadgets. Parents should be proactive and strict in protecting their kids from EMF exposure. Parents should ensure anti-radiation products such as anti-radiation phone cases, EMF blankets, and laptop stands in their homes.

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