5 Well-Known People Talking About Schumann Resonance

Schumann resonance therapy

The story of the Schumann Resonance therapy has become not just a physics principle, but a way of life.  Even more, Schumann resonance therapy has to be one of the most effective ways to connect to the Earth once again. Even more, the Schumann resonance therapy is largely backed by actual science. It’s a neuroscience principle […]

Health Conditions You Can Treat with Earth Vibrations!

earth vibrations

Many studies show that you can boost your overall health if your vibration frequency is similar to the Earth’s. Even more,  research shows that exposing living cells to Schumann Resonance and earth vibrations significantly boost the immunity. For many years in the past, the earth vibrations frequency had been at 7.83Hz. This is also referred to as the […]

How Does EMF Radiation Harm The Body?

Emf protection radiation-EMF blocker device

You’ve probably read quite a bit about the dangers of EMF radiation, where that radiation comes from, and the long-term health effects caused by exposure. However what not enough people are talking about right now is how that radiation actually affects the body, how our cells react to it, and how that reaction actually causes […]