What Is Personal Energy Field and How to Boost It?

personal energy field

Did you know that we all have our own personal energy field, waiting to be activated? Everything in this universe is made of energy. As life begins, there creates a flow from exterior to interior and vice versa. As you know, the flow of energy stops when life ends and becomes part of universal energy. […]

Types of Meditation: How to Choose the Best One for You

Meditation types

Many people feel stressed and drained due to the fast pace and demands of today’s life. Of course, schedules are so tight that people could not get ample time for themselves. Because of this, people normally feel depressed and discontented. However, yoga and meditation types differ in the way of practice and purpose. Additionally, it gives you […]

Signs that Tell You It’s Time to Start Meditating

meditation practice

In the Buddhist tradition, people use meditation to detach themselves from the source of their trouble. It aims to overcome stirring thoughts in order to see the real substance of the mind. The benefits of meditation practice transcend issues of the mind, however. According to Ting Chen of Buddha Dharma Education Association, yoga and meditation help […]

Beginner-friendly Meditation Tips to Get the Best Experience

Meditation tips

For people who are new to meditation, the practice might make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Meditation tips, for example, will make you do certain breathing exercises and poses that can seem strange for beginners. However, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you will be able to experience the benefits of meditation in your […]

6 Meditation Activities and How They Can Combat Stress

Beneficial Meditation Activities

For centuries, yoga and meditation have been used as effective tools to fight stress. This applies to people of all ages and backgrounds. Today, there is a variety of beneficial meditation activities which help regain your power over life. It is shown in various studies, among which is a 2015 one. This study showed that people […]

8 Meditation Techniques to Help Cure Your Depression Today!

Do you often find yourself restless, tired, apathetic, anxious, and pessimistic? Then, you might be suffering from depression. Depression is a serious illness that must be addressed right away as it often leads to suicide. However, experts suggest that anti-depression meditation as a way to help the depressed. There are several benefits of meditation that contribute […]

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Practice Meditation

Celebrities Practicing Meditation

Today, many people assert meditation is highly beneficial. Surprisingly, today there are many celebrities practicing meditation as well. There are many key benefits of meditation. Some of these include transforming people’s habits and reducing stress and anxiety. Through the mindful practice of yoga and meditation, numerous people found these practices favorable for their business as well. Meditation used to be […]

Why You Should Start to Meditate Today! 5 Scientific Meditation Benefits

Scientific Meditation Benefits

Scientific meditation benefits are just as important as spiritual ones. If you still haven’t meditated, today is a good day to start. Not just because meditation is popular, but because it is worthy. If you see meditation as a panacea for your troubles, you might be starting on the wrong foot. Doing that may only […]

Understanding Meditation: The Past, Present, and Future

Understanding Meditation

Yoga and meditation are a sham, or so many typically believe. Regardless, both practices have grown to be quite popular over the years. For this reason, more people show interest in understanding meditation better. However, it doesn’t all start with practicing meditation. First, we need to start understanding the philosophy and general benefits of it. It […]

Why Meditation Is Good for Your Business

Meditation Benefits

Business owners and CEOs face a lot of stress every day. However, it is interesting to know that meditation benefits can help with stress. This is exactly why yoga and meditation have become focal tools for fighting stress. Both yoga and meditation deliver a healthy outcome. This is especially true for businessmen and business owners. […]