Can Magnetic Therapy Bracelets Reduce Pain?

magnetic therapy bracelets

For some, especially to those who just newly heard about therapeutic magnetic bracelets, it is a question as to why people choose to wear magnetic accessories to other parts of their bodies. The truth is that magnetic therapy bracelets that provide EMF protection are known to be an alternative medicinal treatment to make a person’s […]

How to Properly Wear Your Magnetic Therapy Bracelet?

wear magnetic therapy bracelets

Did you know that if you wear magnetic therapy bracelets, you protect your overall health? In fact, alternative methods in medicine are becoming more and more popular. In ancient times, magnetic bracelets have been known for having lots of healing effects. As of today, there are a lot of products that have magnetic features to […]

Do Magnetic Bracelets Affect Other Devices?

magnetic bracelets

Over the years, the fight between magnetic bracelets and electronic gadgets has been threatening our health. What are the reasons for us to be terrified? The are many claims about computers and watches that stopped working with a magnetic bracelet nearby. Can magnets really wreak havoc on our computers? Magnet-based bracelets emit static magnetic fields […]

Negative Ion Bracelets: The 5 Health Benefits You Never Knew!

Negative ion bracelets

As odd as it may sound, not all negative things in the world are bad. When it comes to ions, negative ions provide an array of positive effects. Because of this reason, more and more people show interest in wearing negative ion bracelets. Luckily, recent technological breakthroughs have allowed negative ion bracelets similar wearable products […]

5 Benefits of Wearing Protective Magnet Bracelets


Magnet bracelets have surely piqued your curiosity. These stylish hoops have recently taken the alternative medicine world by storm. Not only are magnet bracelets fashionable but these promise powerful health benefits. Not a new technology at all, therapy magnets are as ancient as the Egyptian pyramids. On the heels of the popularity of magnet bracelets, […]

How Negative ions repel Electrosmog or EMF

emf-radiation-protection-negative ions-devices

A major concern in today’s society is how to protect oneself from the harmful EMF rays, or electrosmog. Electrosmog is the undetectable electromagnetic radiation that happens when using wireless gadgets and main power sources. But, shh, we have a secret..negative ions are here to help you stay radiation-free! Common Sources of EMF. The most recognized […]