Why Successful People Keep a Journal?

Business success journaling

If you would ask any successful person what’s one of the secrets to their success, half, if not most of them, would likely say they do journaling. While journaling is an activity that’s pretty simple, business success journaling focuses on you as a manager and leader. So the question here is, how can journaling help you […]

Journaling Enhances Your Business and Brings More Success!

business journaling

For most people, writing things down on a journal is just a plain old hobby while some enjoy journaling because of the health benefits that they can actually gain from it. Journaling is one of the ways that is commonly recommended to relieve stress, and especially in business. Aside from the usual advantages, you can […]

Start Journaling: A Beginner’s Tutorial and Useful Tips!

start journaling beginner

People who have been doing and studying journal writing have seen journaling benefits of the practice. For one, the University of Rochester Medical Center said that if you start journaling, you’ll strengthen your mental health. Specifically, it aids in managing anxiety and stress and coping with depression. Besides weathering the mental storm, to start journal writing is, […]