Is 5G Technology a Threat to Human Kind?

health threats of 5G

Due to technological advancements, the 5G network now delivers ultra-low latency, better data speeds, and a more reliable connection. But, with it, science is certain there are numerous health threats of 5G to take into consideration as well. Despite the vast improvement in network performance compared to the last network upgrade, 5G is not a […]

Cordless Phone Health Risks | Are they really true?

Cordless Phone Health Risks Get to know everything about them from Emf Shield

Our health is constantly under risk. We remain human beings; we keep being vulnerable and fragile to lots of circumstances, among them cordless phones. Just some years back, when analog cordless phones were the main deal, there was no big issue. Today, in the digital era, there’s quite much to worry about. With the birth […]