5 Ways to Use Gratitude and Improve Your Business

Business gratitude

How important is business gratitude? Many people settle for a job they don’t like as long as the salary seals the deal. That is why they are likely to be more stressed in a fast-paced working environment, particularly in the corporate world. Add in the negative feedback they receive after working so hard on a […]

How to Practice Business Gratitude and Improve Your Well-Being

Business gratitude practice

A lot of people don’t know that being grateful brings enormous benefits to their quality of life. Studies, in fact, suggest that grateful people may have a healthier heart, get better sleep, and experience fewer pains. In short, gratitude plays a key role in one’s well-being. Cultivating a business gratitude practice, on the other hand, is […]

How to Understand Business Gratitude: Here’s What Studies Say!

Business gratitude studies

A lot has been written and said about how the simple practice of gratitude can significantly improve people’s lives.  All of this focus on gratitude begs the question, “Does gratitude really work?” According to business gratitude studies, the answer is a resounding yes. And gratitude is not just important in your daily life. There is […]