How 5G Is Threatening the Life of Your Kids?

5g dangers kids

While I am sure you are familiar with 5G as innovation, are you aware of the 5G dangers at hand? The increasing trend of smartphones and internet use may help improve various sectors and their work pace. However, these come at the price of our children’s health. Soon, this is worsened by surveys revealing a […]

The 5G Safety Devices Which Keep Radiation at Bay!

5g safety devices

The 5G network offers the promise of better service and acts like small cell sites in our own homes. Still, the question remains: do we need to think about 5G safety devices and practical ways to avoid it? Here, we shall look into the dangers of 5G network radiation, one of the known side effects […]

8 Celebrities Who Practice 5G Network Protection, and the Reasons Why

5g network protection

Is 5G network protection necessary? Technology has been progressively advancing since its birth. At first, it was present here and there, then it advanced to computers, followed by the invention of the internet. For many, the internet was everything it should be – helpful, useful, practical and safe. However, the advancements didn’t stop there. Following […]

5G Network: Going Deep into the Pros and Cons

5g network

Following the evolution of Edge into 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, we are now witnessing the development of the 5G network. It goes without saying that networks of this sort will continue to develop and advance in the years to come. What’s more, companies face serious competition in the efforts of becoming the first to […]

Countries Fighting 5G Internet: Do We Really Need It? 

countries fighting 5g

When smartphone manufacturers and network providers first introduced the 5G network technology, people were nonetheless curious. Initially, the main area of focus was on whether 5G could improve the network capacity introduced by 4G LTE. Of course, this network technology focuses more on faster internet connectivity as well as better call and text reception. However, […]

Federal 5G Concerns: Are we safe?

federal 5g concerns

The latest technology wonder, or 5G, spread worldwide, with many countries already planning to instate it for communication. For instance, the advantages of 5G include greater speed, responsiveness, and a data-only network for easy access. With this, there is also the implementation of AI-Artificial Intelligence and IoT – Internet of Things. Also, if the network […]

Things You Didn’t Know About 5G Network that Affect Your Health

5g danger health

You may approve of it or you may not, but in any case, it always worth asking yourselves, is there a 5G danger and warning we should be wary of? The 5G network is the newest iteration in cellular technology. Beyond the previous 4G network, it is deemed faster, more responsive, and can support connection […]

5G Expert Warnings: More Than a Tech Innovation!

5g expert warnings

Nowadays, 5G expert warnings are urging you to stay as far from the network as possible…and the reasons for it are harrowing. Recently, Samsung along with Verizon jointly announced that the new 5G network is expected to be accessible across the United States by mid-year next year. However, in the process, we cannot help but […]

EMF: Unhealthy Food Supply Making Healthy Eating Impossible

EMF food risks

Fresh foods on the markets are a great addition to living a healthy lifestyle. However, from today’s standpoint, farmed products can lead to serious EMF food risks. By 2050, there will approximately be 5 million deaths a year if the abuse of antibiotics and pesticides in livestock continues. The same is true for agricultural farming […]

The Effects of EMF Radiation on Our Health

EMF radiation risks

In a world where technology is slowly becoming to be a “king” in all aspects — communication tool, connection tool, automation, etc., everyone is also becoming a slave of it. Furthermore, technology’s continuous advancement also gave way to EMF radiation risks. Scientifically speaking, there’s what we call “natural EMF”. Yes, you heard it right, some […]