How to Protect Children from Harmful EMF

The electromagnetic field (EMFs) is a kind of radiation that comes from technology. The more exposed someone is in it, the more likely he will be susceptible to health risks. It is also the case with children. In fact, children are more prone to getting health risks as their thinner bones and skulls make them […]

Best Ways to Prevent EMF Radiation Exposure in Children!

emf kids safe protection devices

Both adults and children are subjected to a level of radiation. Radiation comes from numerous natural sources as well, such as the sun and the soil. With modern-day living, the sources of radiation have increased. At the same time, solutions did as well. Today, there is an array of EMF kids-safe protection devices to choose from. […]

Reducing Radiation Exposure in Kids -Use EMF Protection Devices!

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Among the many health threats we face nowadays, EMF exposure is one of the greatest. The reason why EMF exposure became such a danger to our health is due to the increased use of electronic devices. Keeping this fact in mind, the time has come to not only take EMF exposure seriously but prevent it […]