Do Bluetooth Speakers Really Threaten Your Health?

Bluetooth speakers

Many truly enjoy the sound Bluetooth speakers deliver, right? Bluetooth speakers really make it convenient in terms of quality sound and alleviated use, But, what you should also know is that Bluetooth speakers can also show adverse effects on your health. As a matter of fact, do you know anything about Bluetooth speakers being bad for your […]

How Bluetooth Exposure Affects Your Health?

Bluetooth exposure

What comes to your mind when you hear Bluetooth? Convenience or concern? “Smart” devices or “Sick” devices? Well, regardless of your definition of Bluetooth, there are many health concerns which arise from lasting Bluetooth exposure. In this article, we will share with you some health effects which may occur due to extensive Bluetooth exposure. Knowing Bluetooth Technology […]

Are Bluetooth Headsets Dangerous To Your Health?

Bluetooth headsets dangers

Health dangers are always among our ‘‘keep out’’ list. We all try to avoid exposing our health to any danger. Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss the many Bluetooth headsets dangers that affect your health. Below, we offer insights into the different Bluetooth headset dangers and risks you should keep an eye on. Read on, learn, take notes, […]

Can Bluetooth Devices Harm Your Health?

Bluetooth devices health risks

As a member of the wireless family, the Bluetooth is a technology that has transformed data exchange game. Yet, when it comes to Bluetooth devices health risks, not all sounds promising. Today, there’s a growing concern regarding health risks associated with Bluetooth devices. Below, read whether Bluetooth devices truly affect your health or not. Bluetooth: A brief […]

EMF Dangers – What Scientists, Physicians, Health Policy Experts say


With the proliferation of cell phones, wireless Internet, and personal electronic devices, the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation are a huge concern. As the discussion surrounding the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) has become heated, Scientists, Physicians, Health Policy Experts & Others around the world out loud their voices about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Martin Blank, Ph.D., […]