Benefits of Combining Black Tourmaline and Essential Oils

black tourmaline and essential oils

Who knew black tourmaline and essential oils could be so beneficial to our health? Long before the development of the scientific approach to medicine, ancient people had relied on what we now call as alternative medicine. One of its practices was the use of crystals. Not only were they ornaments, but they were also amulets […]

Lava Stones vs. Black Tourmaline Stones

lava stones

Stones are omnipresent in our world. There are different uses for each of them as all of them have their respective properties and origin. Two of the most commonly used and probably most effective ones are lava stones and black tourmaline stones. Both of these stones are said to have magnetic therapy, hence their popularity. […]

Mistakes You Must Avoid When Choosing Your Lava Black Tourmaline Pendant

activate black tourmaline

More and more people are getting inclined to health and wellness, from preparing organic and vegan meals to aiming for balanced chakras and tranquil spirit using healing crystals. However, there is currently a much-developed debate on black tourmaline as an effective crystal to enhance our health. What is more, if you activate black tourmaline, healers […]

EMF Shield: Radiation-Free Products that Work!

emf shield

EMF shield refers to reducing electromagnetic fields and radiation in a specific space through the blockage. What is EMF Shield? EMF protection should effectively block harmful waves coming from laptops, computers, cell phone towers, power lines, and microwave ovens. Recent studies have shown a link between exposure to high-EMF environments and adverse health effects. Therefore, […]

Black Tourmaline: A Must-Have EMF Protection Crystal

black tourmaline pendant

As we all know that EMF exposure is harmful to our overall health. To protects ourselves from it, we have several options to choose from, the main one being a black tourmaline pendant. Below, let’s discuss the benefits of both and how to choose the right EMF protection for you. Black Tourmaline: Definition. Black Tourmaline […]

Black Tourmaline: Benefits, Uses, and Emf Protection


Black tourmaline aligns the body’s energy centers, thus allowing all the seven chakras to enter into force. Through this balance, the healing energy has a clear flowing channel. In turn, it promotes a sense of power and self-confidence. Naturally, this allows a person to have a better perception of things. Today, the stone is the […]