The Lethal Damage of 5G Cell Towers

5g cell tower risks

Whenever a cell tower is in a place, radio-frequency radiation is also present. This fact alone makes it dangerous to human health. Despite the existing harm these towers might bring, there are still plans for implementing the 5G network all around the world. Other existing networks already have their own dangers already. So, imagine what […]

Why are Health Experts Worried about Using 5G?

5g health side effects

The 5G network technology will likely introduce the newest telecommunications, internet, and connectivity. However, many health organizations are now trying to derail from 5G’s benefits, emphasizing the possible 5G health side effects. With the growth of the network, limited studies in the field revealed the 5G health side effects in terms of radiation. In fact, […]

5G Side Effects on Your Physical and Mental Health!

5g side effects

Are you aware of the existing 5G side effects on your emotional and physical well-being? The 5G network, the successor of the 4G LTE network, is a technology that enables the Internet of Things to merge all internet-connected devices. Sure, it promises better internet connectivity and faster speed which are what we have all been […]