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Everyone needs this ! If your reading here, you’ve most likely discovered the ugly nature behind emf radiation and it’s ramifications on our health, so I’ll spare the science lesson. To get to the point, I’ve always had emf blockers on my phone, as I’m ultra sensitive to EMF, resulting in spacey headedness, inability to concentrate, and insomnia. I noticed a difference the first night I started using them years and years ago, which is why when I bought the latest iPhone and forgot I had yet to attach a new device, I was back to all the aforementioned side effects the very first night ! I quickly ordered this and put it on the back of my cell, and what do you know..... back to normal ! I believe in the power of emf shielding, and this company’s technology so much, I actually gave one of these away on my Instagram but don’t just take my word for it , the winner of my giveaway swears by it so much she’s ordered one for each family member in her household.
Veronica Leslie
Since I wrote a review for the pendant, I will repeat what my review was here, because I'm using both the pendant & bracelet together, & my testimony/review is the same for both. Both the bracelets & pendant work, are so helpful & truly work as intended!!! I was suffering very strong migraines on a weekly basis, at least 3-4 times a week, that it was crippling. I noticed this started when the electrical company started implementing 5G networks around my town. It maybe for better service of electricity & technology, but I researched & found the downside is emf exposure levels are higher than w/ 4G! It became hard to do anything from daily activities to even work as my head just wouldn't stop hurting and I started feeling very depressed & stressed due to not being able to do what I wanted or needed to do do. After starting to wear the bracelet & pendant, the number of migraines has dropped significantly. I'm more active & it has made a huge difference for me. Thank you QuanThor for providing these very helpful like-changing protectons against emf.
I have been using this for about a month now. I personally enjoy it because I know it's doing its job. I can tell why this product won such great awards and recognition. The way this was invented is just great because it emits an actual radius of protection around me so that even when I'm riding with my family on the train, they would all be protected too. I have not found any other device that could do such a thing and it amazes me. I have also felt a clearness of mind and body as I have been using this device. I love being protected from EMF so much that I have two neutralizers on me all the time no matter where I go.
In the house I'm always worried about the dangerous EMFs from househo....
Blessed Friendly
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