10 Places to Connect With Nature, While in the City!

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It’s already been established that walking in nature affects one’s mental health. The presence of living things, green vegetation, clear waters, and blue sky alleviate stress and replenishes brain functioning. However, nowadays it gets tougher to get out of the busy city life and find nature, thus uncovering relaxation. But did you know that you […]

5 Ways to Connect With Nature While Living Urban

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Several studies have already proved the scientific benefits of walking in nature to our brain and overall health. A study by Barton, Bragg, and Pretty found out that after several visits to the green site, the self-esteem level of the participants had significantly improved. Moreover, they got out feeling less angry, depressed and tensed. How […]

How Do Nature Sounds Help Calm Our Minds?

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Silence is not necessarily what you get when you turn off the TV or your music player. Instead, if you’re lucky or listen well enough, you’ll hear something organic, rustic, and probably nostalgic. Walking in nature, you’ll hear the rustle of the leaves, the crisp of the grass under your feet, the crackle of dried […]

Get In Touch With Nature: Where to Walk Barefoot?

Walking barefoot benefits

Walking in nature barefoot, otherwise known as ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ is a healthy practice, which is rather overlooked. Experts say that when the feet touch the ground, the body absorbs negatives electrons more easily. Negative electrons are in charge of stabilizing the body’s cortisol rhythm, thereby creating a bioelectrical body balance. There are plenty of […]

What Are the Useful Tips When You’re Walking In Nature?

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Walking in nature is probably the most accessible and inexpensive form of exercise that is just as powerful as any other. It brings numerous health benefits, like reduced stress, strengthened bones, and an improved mood and self-esteem. Furthermore, there are also many nature walk tips which bring us into a state of meditation when we need it. A […]

Best Exercises and Workouts to Do in Nature

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Whatever the season, exercising outside is much better than spending hours in the sweaty walls of the gym. In fact, there are lots of nature exercising benefits which reinvigorate both our minds and spirits. Walking in nature isn’t the only form of exercise you can do outside. While walking in nature benefits us in many […]

3 Studies that Prove Walking in Nature Helps Reduce Stress

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Nature walks benefits are more than intuition and aren’t strictly limited to the physical aspect of a person. People are now well-informed that nature walks benefits help us grow physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. Among the most notable advantages of nature walks is their ability to reduce stresses. Whether you are in a problematic relationship or […]

Why Successful People Keep a Journal?

Business success journaling

If you would ask any successful person what’s one of the secrets to their success, half, if not most of them, would likely say they do journaling. While journaling is an activity that’s pretty simple, business success journaling focuses on you as a manager and leader. So the question here is, how can journaling help you […]

How Can Journaling Boost Your Mood and Mental Health?

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A lot of companies agree that the employees’ physical and mental state is directly connected to an employee’s performance. A lot of companies stand behind their employees’ readiness, due to a number of healthcare services they offer at work. One of the techniques many businesses use nowadays is mental health journaling. As odd as it may […]

The Secret to Journaling through Anxiety and Depression

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Over the years, many mental health experts have been working hard to treat depression and anxiety since millions are suffering from them unknowingly. Jill Howell, a licensed professional counselor said that even though journaling can’t cure everything, it has plenty of qualities, including massive anti-anxiety journaling benefits.  Studies show that journaling can help your mood […]