Benefits of Practicing Yoga Consistently

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Putting on your yoga pants makes you feel comfy; you can stay in them the whole day even as you head to the grocery store. Well, that is just a scratch of what yoga can do for you. The benefits of practicing yoga consistently, especially in this EMF-saturated world, goes beyond what you could have […]

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with EMF’s Nearby

Basically, sleeping is very important for a person’s well-being and general health. However, in this current age we live in, simply sleeping would put you at risk each night. While modern technological devices, appliances, and gadgets are slowly becoming incorporated into our lives. However, it also gives harm to our health without us knowing. Because […]

Master These Habits to Protect Yourself from EMF

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Over the past decade, our community has become technology dependent, constantly using our mobile phones for social media, apps, games, and browsing on the internet. Even though it has its own benefits, there have been inescapable disadvantages that we should also consider. Today, we’re at the point of becoming too dependent on technology that many […]

How is Yoga Beneficial for Us in This EMF Saturated World

Technology advancements have eased a lot in our daily life. Nonetheless, it is not without downsides. For instance, we are hooked to our addictive mobile devices and can barely survive a day without them. Moreover, the side effects of staying close to the devices expose you to harmful elements such as EMF. But did you […]

Save yourself from EMF pollution – Buy an anti radiation protection bracelet

As much as we might try and avoid it, electronics have become an inseparable part of our lives. If you’re thinking that we are referring only to laptops and cell-phones here, its impossible to reason your way out of it, especially if you have taken rest from these devices, there are plenty of other unseen […]

Health threatening effects of phone EMF radiations

Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lifestyle that it is hard to imagine a single day without them. This indispensable device has revolutionized the way we communicate around the globe. The innumerable features of smartphones, ranging from instant money transfer facilities to fun games, have made them a necessity these days. Our […]

Grow Your Business like a Reiki Master  

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When it comes to business, there are two things that are needed in order to make it grow—dedication to the field and understanding business obligations. The same goes for growing your Reiki business as well. Therefore, a successful Reiki practitioner should possess a strong determination and a tenacious dedication to the practice itself. The world […]

What are the Most Popular Essential Oils?

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If you’re searching for a quick boost and looking to elevate your overall wellness, then it’s time to start using the best essential oils today. Essential oils, as a therapy, are most commonly used in perfumes and cosmetics, but their best use is with aromatherapy.  Just inhaling the scent of these essential oils promotes healing and […]

Benefits of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

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Times and times again, experts have confirmed and elaborated on the top essential oils benefits, which improve our physical health. In fact, both are so effective both in the cosmetic and medical world. The Egyptians were the first race which extracted oils from plants and herbs. Meanwhile, the Chinese were the first to use aromatic […]

Can Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Improve Emotional Health?


Introduction: Emotional Essential Oils Benefits Emotional health matters and you can achieve in many ways. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization reported a rapid increase in mental illnesses, which cause both disabilities and deaths in patients. Concerning over 40 million adults each year, depression and anxiety are much more serious than we think. However, more people prefer […]