Ways to Use Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

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Looking back, there has been an expansive aromatherapy research, all pointing to the fact that more and more people are stressed out daily. High-pressure workloads, extremely long commutes, and lack of sleep are some of the few causes of stress. The accumulated stresses you encounter each day can eventually damage your life. Some people can […]

How to Choose Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

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It is a fast-paced world. While you have been busy spending hours at work or at school, little do you realize that your body needs attention. You may feel a backache from sitting for so long. You may be having some stress signals but keep on ignoring them anyway. Besides, you have the night to […]

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Reduce Stress, Boost Relaxation

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Different types of essential oils and scents are widely known to help relax people. Aromatherapy is also used to help relax one’s mind. Be it at a spa or a psychiatrist’s clinic, there are many favorable anti-stress essential oils benefits to consider. In this article, we’ve gathered tips to show you how to reap the […]

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils – Every Beginner’s Guide

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Modern technology has made a huge impact on health and medicine – new research, new findings, a new cure for diseases. But, despite all this, alternatives to traditional medicine has never lost its place in the world of health and wellness. Among many, aromatherapy has gained so much popularity. Today, you can have essential oils […]

Celebrity Stories: Losing Weight with Reiki

Reiki weight loss

Losing weight is extremely popular among many people today. It’s our nature to want to look good always especially among celebrities since they have a public image that they need to maintain. They have to do their best to keep themselves looking beautiful all the time. This is why they are so curious and eager […]

Business Card Ideas for Your Reiki Business  

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A Reiki business card is a useful marketing tool for any practitioner that seeks to secure and defend the wellness industry’s top position. The card conveys your contact information to potential customers, and it enhances your visibility. However, if you wish to reap the benefits above, your business card has to be unique, attractive, and […]

Building a Reiki Business: How to Make It Successful

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Everyone has the opportunity to run a successful Reiki business. But, only a few can hit a home run. When planning to start this business, always be mindful about its ups and downs. Whether you like it or not, there are times when the business is running low. Don’t fret as this is normal. No […]

How Reiki Practice Enhances Your Health?

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have you ever heard of Reiki practice? Well, as you know it all starts with your body. In fact, your body is a self-programmed machine. It does not require a command to perform its duties. Also, it takes care of respiration, digestion, and blood circulation without you making an effort. It has a phenomenal ability […]

Why are Reiki Treatments Beneficial?

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Before even naming all of the exquisite Reiki treatment benefits, let’s define first what it is. Reiki is an alternative type of healing, that goes by the name of energy healing. Initially, Reiki originated from Japan and represents a century-old practice. It further represents the process of transferring collective energy from the palms of a […]

Grow Your Reiki Business: Reach Out, Get More Clients

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Learning and practicing Reiki was the best decision you have made in your life and your physical well-being. Your curiosity in knowing how Reiki helps your mind, body, and soul is not a coincidence. It actually came with a purpose. A purpose to share Reiki benefits with others and see how their lives transform as […]