Effective Ways of Protecting Our Children from EMF Exposure Inside Our Homes During the Pandemic

EMF exposure

Effective Ways of Protecting Our Children from EMF Exposure Inside Our Homes During the Pandemic: Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, are radiation emitted by digital devices and electronic appliances such as TVs, smartphones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, tablets, laptops, baby monitors, etc. Unfortunately, EMF has potential health effects not only on adults but on children as well. According […]

The History Behind Orgone Energy

Orgone Energy

The History Behind Orgone Energy: Curious what is Orgone energy all about? Well, Orgone Energy is known as Orgonite. It came from the word Orgone. Orgone is beautiful crystals like eye candy. It is not only gorgeous and luxurious looking, but they also have a powerful healing effect. Orgones are usually in a pyramid shape […]

Can Shungite Stone Protect Us From EMF

Can Shungite Stone Protect Us From EMF

Can Shungite Stone Protect Us From EMF? In today’s lifestyle, people are exposed to various elements that endanger and compromise their overall health. Commonly, most of us are exposed to various bad lifestyle habits or factors that emit stress hormones like overworking and partaking in various vices.  Yet, the most obvious thing we fail to […]

Shungite and EMF Protection

Shungite and EMF Protection

Ways We Could Use Shungite Stone for EMF Protection Shungite and EMF protection work hand-in-hand. Everyone is exposed to the electromagnetic field or EMF that is naturally emitted by the different atmosphere in the environment. But besides the natural sources, the electromagnetic spectrum comes from everything related to electricity.  With the rise of technology, exposure […]

EMF Affects Our Immune System

EMF Affects Our Immune System

How EMF Affects Our Immune System Now that technology continues to grow and develop, we can’t help ourselves to be a part of that growth. Whatever trend there is, be it the latest model of a smartphone or a luxurious type of appliance, we would love to buy and use it.  Of course, life feels […]

EMF Causes Insomnia, Depression, and Anxiety

EMF causes insomnia depression and anxiety

Have you ever wondered if EMF causes insomnia depression and anxiety? We will try to make the connections so that you can better understand your environment. With the continuous modernization of science and technology, advances in sequencing technology led to its detrimental effects on humans. Posing as a health hazard, electromagnetic fields (EMF) are starting […]

EMF Exposure and Mood Disorders

emf and mood disorders

Can EMF Exposure Lead to Mood Disorders? Emf exposure and mood disorders are connected. No matter how healthy you are, there will be times that you will deal with anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Stress is the trigger of many negative emotions and outbursts. This happens to nearly everyone.  It is vital that mental health […]

Ways to Boost Your Immunity for EMF Protection


Everything on this earth is all about energy, the combination of electricity and magnetic energies including humans, animals, and equipment. These are a few of the best ways to boost your immunity because the Electromagnetic fields or EMF with regards to our health denotes electromagnetic field radiation.   However, although energies provide humans with plenty […]

Does EMF Impact Your Reproductive Health?

EMF and the Reproductive Health: Risks, and Safety Tips!

EMF and the reproductive health- is there more to the risks than meet the eyes? Here is how EMF exposure threatens your health, impacting everything from your mental to your emotional and physical wellbeing! Technology has become one of the most significant inventions of men- it has helped us save lives and connect with people.  […]

EMF and the Immunity: What’s at Stake?

EMF and the Immunity: Risks, Safety Measures and Exposure

Let’s take a deeper look into EMF and the immunity, your physical well-being, and the precautionary measures to undertake to stay protected against it. There is a lot of scientific research on electromagnetic field exposure that shows how WiFi, Bluetooth, cellphones, and other smart devices release a form of EMF. This EMF is known as […]