Reiki and Grounding for Protection

reiki cleansing

Nowadays, the world has been polluted with sickness and negativities. With the advancement of technology comes the danger of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation. This radiation stems from electrical devices such as microwave ovens, mobile phones, power lines, and even Wi-Fi routers. Therefore, it is an advantage to know the benefits of Reiki cleansing and Reiki […]

Simple Tips to Protect Us from EMF

emf health protection

EMF is the abbreviation for Electromagnetic Fields. There are electric and magnetic fields that occur naturally; the sun, the earth, and even our bodies have their own EMFs. But, wherever there is EMF, there is a need for EMF health protection, too. Relating to this article, note that EMFs do not refer to the natural […]

Does Reiki Really Help Prevent EMF Exposure?

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Can you believe it when someone tells you there is such a thing as an electromagnetic field? Not only the planets and the sun but also the human body can produce an electromagnetic field. The human body is capable of generating its own electromagnetic field but only in low intensity. And as EMF exposure symptoms […]

Reduce EMF Pollution with These Steps

reduce EMF exposure

Are you always busy typing on that keyboard on your pc? Are you on the phone scheming through your social media platforms connected to the home Wi-Fi that stays on the whole day? Do you know you could be in danger because of this? Yes, danger. You could be in danger of too much EMF […]

The Effects of EMF Radiation on Our Health

EMF radiation risks

In a world where technology is slowly becoming to be a “king” in all aspects — communication tool, connection tool, automation, etc., everyone is also becoming a slave of it. Furthermore, technology’s continuous advancement also gave way to EMF radiation risks. Scientifically speaking, there’s what we call “natural EMF”. Yes, you heard it right, some […]

Why Do Yoga Despite Your Busy Lifestyle?

We’re all constantly rushing to do whatever we should do in our everyday lives. Sometimes, we tend to squeeze in even the future-dated tasks in our schedule for today so that we won’t be doing that when the right schedule comes. In that way, we can do other things that are more “advanced-planned” (our opinion). […]

Practicing Mindfulness in Yoga

Mindfulness yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline that revolves around physical, mental, and spiritual practices. It’s a healthy lifestyle and routine that involves meditation tricks and regaining back the lost energy and vitality all lost during the strenuous activities you engage in every day. Our daily chores are very busy as we are even forced to […]

What You Need to Know About EMFs?

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In the ever-changing world we live in today, we witnessed the birth of many technological advancements. Together with these, we also saw the invention of facilities, equipment, machines, and devices. People really love technology. From making calls to enjoying the addictive world of Facebook, many of us are attached to our screens. The digital world is […]

Exercise Routines for the Best EMF Detox, Yet!

Emf detox

In this modern era, more and more people are becoming extremely health conscious. Toxins do not necessarily mean it has to come from drugs or alcohol, there are also toxins that we can get from diet, pollution, exposure from industrial solvents, and harmful radiation emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi, or even TV. In addition, rapid […]

Effective Tips on Protecting Yourself from EMF Radiation

EMF blockers

You may have heard of Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) and its harmful effects that it can do to your body.  However, not all EMFs are harmful. In fact, our bodies, emit some of them naturally. An example of that is ur muscle and nerve activity. On the other hand, man-made objects have electric voltages and […]