How Bluetooth Exposure Affects Your Health?

Bluetooth exposure

What comes to your mind when you hear Bluetooth? Convenience or concern? “Smart” devices or “Sick” devices? Well, regardless of your definition of Bluetooth, there are many health concerns which arise from lasting Bluetooth exposure. In this article, we will share with you some health effects which may occur due to extensive Bluetooth exposure. Knowing Bluetooth Technology […]

Are Bluetooth Headsets Dangerous To Your Health?

Bluetooth headsets dangers

Health dangers are always among our ‘‘keep out’’ list. We all try to avoid exposing our health to any danger. Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss the many Bluetooth headsets dangers that affect your health. Below, we offer insights into the different Bluetooth headset dangers and risks you should keep an eye on. Read on, learn, take notes, […]

Can Bluetooth Devices Harm Your Health?

Bluetooth devices health risks

As a member of the wireless family, the Bluetooth is a technology that has transformed data exchange game. Yet, when it comes to Bluetooth devices health risks, not all sounds promising. Today, there’s a growing concern regarding health risks associated with Bluetooth devices. Below, read whether Bluetooth devices truly affect your health or not. Bluetooth: A brief […]

How Health-Threatening are Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones health risks

Our planet has come a long way from great inventions. From Alexander G Bell’s telephone invention to the computer, and now the internet. In the 21st century today, Smartphones, the Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth, have all confined the world into our fists. The Bluetooth is where our interest lies. This alternative to cable wires has added […]

Are Bluetooth Headphones A Health Risk?

bluetooth headphones

Did you ever imagine your Bluetooth headphones could be harmful? Have you ever thought of the health risk? Well if you didn’t, you’re surely not the only one. Many are unaware or don’t care, about this aspect of Bluetooth headphones.  After all, the device comes with tremendous value. Yet, our mission in this article is […]

Are Microwave Ovens Bad for Your Health?

Microwave ovens caution

Quick and easy to use! Top-notch quality and worldwide fame! Yes, all these words oftentimes describe microwave ovens. Yet, many nowadays suggest that with the use of microwave ovens follows a microwave ovens caution. Significantly, this is an aspect we need to take into consideration, especially health-wise. Though the kitchen marvel has proven its worth, it […]

How Wireless Routers Lead to Health Risks?

wireless routers

There is a widespread debate on the possible connection between wireless routers and health risks. Science, corporations, health organizations, internet users, basically everyone has an opinion. But, what is really to know on wireless routers? After all, due to wireless routers, it’s now possible to enjoy the Internet in a cordless manner. Yet, still, the question […]

When Is the Best Time to Walk in Nature?

morning walk benefits

Walking in nature is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy. Some people like walking in the morning to start their day while others prefer doing it after work. Others feel more motivated to go on walks when they have an exercise buddy who helps them to make walking a daily habit. However, […]

Solved: How Nature Really Affects the Brain?

nature walking benefits

Walking in nature undeniably makes us feel good. But does this actually affect our mental and physical well-being? You may be surprised to know that this is indeed true. There have been several scientific evidence proving its profound impact on our brains and how nature walking benefits improve our behavior, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase […]

9 Scientific Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

outdoor walking benefits

Spending long breaks indoors seems like a good idea, especially after busy months of work. However, people now know better. Walking in nature on a regular basis has certain benefits that cozying up at home cannot ascertain. An example would be how outdoor walking benefits the mental well-being of a person. Evidence supports its advantages, and […]