Federal 5G Concerns: Are we safe?

federal 5g concerns

The latest technology wonder, or 5G, spread worldwide, with many countries already planning to instate it for communication. For instance, the advantages of 5G include greater speed, responsiveness, and a data-only network for easy access. With this, there is also the implementation of AI-Artificial Intelligence and IoT – Internet of Things. Also, if the network […]

Things You Didn’t Know About 5G Network that Affect Your Health

5g danger health

You may approve of it or you may not, but in any case, it always worth asking yourselves, is there a 5G danger and warning we should be wary of? The 5G network is the newest iteration in cellular technology. Beyond the previous 4G network, it is deemed faster, more responsive, and can support connection […]

Celebrities Using/Endorsing Lava Tourmaline Pendants

black tourmaline protection

The earliest references to the use of crystals in history come from the ancient Sumerians. They believed that these crystals have properties that promote healing. However, black tourmaline protection has only recently become a popular method to protect our health. Stephanie Lynn Nicks, an American singer, sang a song entitled “Dreams”. In it, she talked […]

5G Expert Warnings: More Than a Tech Innovation!

5g expert warnings

Nowadays, 5G expert warnings are urging you to stay as far from the network as possible…and the reasons for it are harrowing. Recently, Samsung along with Verizon jointly announced that the new 5G network is expected to be accessible across the United States by mid-year next year. However, in the process, we cannot help but […]

10 Ways to Clean Gemstones from Negative Energies

cleansing crystals benefits

Gemstones are widely known for their capability to protect us from the various types of negative energies around us. Some of them offer EMF protection such as the black tourmaline commonly embedded in black tourmaline pendants. Others, such as the onyx, smoky quartz, and hematite are cleansing crystals and eliminate negative energy around and within […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lava Black Tourmaline Pendants

lava black tourmaline pendants

The lava black tourmaline pendants are one of the most colorful and popular gemstone pendants available on the market today. This popular gemstone comes with several varieties of brilliant colors and offers a number of health benefits. For instance, some of these include stress reduction, body cleansing, and EMF protection. In fact, there had been […]

10 Future Scenario Thinking Contributions on the EMF Debate’s Evolution

EMF protection studies

Electro Magnetic Field is an electrical discharge generated around electrically charged objects. Such objects can include, routers, batteries, and inverters. Although helping us solve the world’s electricity crisis, EMF protection studies suggest that continued exposure is harmful to our health. Over the years, there has been a lot of debate on this topic. Different EMF […]

5G: A Massive Health Experiment That Could Cause Cancer and Global Catastrophe

emf cancer protection

5G is short for 5th Generation. It is the latest cellular mobile connectivity. 5G connectivity aims to give mobile data users lower latency and higher data rate. 5G connections have a bigger system capacity that results in faster data connection. A 5G connection can also help reduce cost and save energy for the telecommunications companies. […]

10 Videos to Watch to Know More About EMF Protection

EMF protection videos

The Earth, including your body, yields electromagnetic fields (EMF) in small amounts. However, unlike the aforementioned, technology produces more electromagnetic fields. As a result, this can cause many threats to your health. Also, EMF risks cannot be visible to the naked eye. However, by using gadgets, like cellular phones or computers can expose you to […]