Celebrity Stories: Losing Weight with Reiki

Reiki weight loss

Losing weight is extremely popular among many people today. It’s our nature to want to look good always especially among celebrities since they have a public image that they need to maintain. They have to do their best to keep themselves looking beautiful all the time. This is why they are so curious and eager […]

Business Card Ideas for Your Reiki Business  

Reiki business card

A Reiki business card is a useful marketing tool for any practitioner that seeks to secure and defend the wellness industry’s top position. The card conveys your contact information to potential customers, and it enhances your visibility. However, if you wish to reap the benefits above, your business card has to be unique, attractive, and […]

Building a Reiki Business: How to Make It Successful

successful Reiki business

Everyone has the opportunity to run a successful Reiki business. But, only a few can hit a home run. When planning to start this business, always be mindful about its ups and downs. Whether you like it or not, there are times when the business is running low. Don’t fret as this is normal. No […]

How Reiki Practice Enhances Your Health?

reiki practice health

have you ever heard of Reiki practice? Well, as you know it all starts with your body. In fact, your body is a self-programmed machine. It does not require a command to perform its duties. Also, it takes care of respiration, digestion, and blood circulation without you making an effort. It has a phenomenal ability […]

Why are Reiki Treatments Beneficial?

Reiki treatment benefits

Before even naming all of the exquisite Reiki treatment benefits, let’s define first what it is. Reiki is an alternative type of healing, that goes by the name of energy healing. Initially, Reiki originated from Japan and represents a century-old practice. It further represents the process of transferring collective energy from the palms of a […]

Grow Your Reiki Business: Reach Out, Get More Clients

Reiki benefits

Learning and practicing Reiki was the best decision you have made in your life and your physical well-being. Your curiosity in knowing how Reiki helps your mind, body, and soul is not a coincidence. It actually came with a purpose. A purpose to share Reiki benefits with others and see how their lives transform as […]

How to Choose a Reiki Business Name – Simple Tips

Reiki Business Name

When the popularity of Reiki grew, the number of practitioners rose with it. It might partly be due to the scare of modern medicine going awry that an alternative therapy is being more and more sought. Or perhaps, more and more people have become interested. As a practitioner, you have the opportunity to also choose […]

Do’s and Don’ts in Starting a Reiki Business  

Reiki business advice

Whenever a person decides to start a Reiki business, he is not only becoming a self-employed business owner but also as a spiritual healing practitioner as well. This fact alone shows that there are many Reiki career opportunities waiting for people who wanted to try the business. To succeed in the line of business that […]

Tips for Starting a Reiki Business  

Deciding to run a business without knowing anything about it is like diving in a puddle. When you plan to run a business, it is important that you make a feasibility study. The study will include the marketability and accessibility of the location, uniqueness of the business, and the expected capital that needs to be […]

Do Bluetooth Speakers Really Threaten Your Health?

Bluetooth speakers

Many truly enjoy the sound Bluetooth speakers deliver, right? Bluetooth speakers really make it convenient in terms of quality sound and alleviated use, But, what you should also know is that Bluetooth speakers can also show adverse effects on your health. As a matter of fact, do you know anything about Bluetooth speakers being bad for your […]