8 Benefits of Prayer Backed By Research

We all get so caught up with worries about our interaction with colleagues. This mostly has to do with meeting the sales quota or impressing the boss. However, it all gets to a point where we sometimes forget to breathe. Regardless of your industry, here’s a pro-tip for a quick escape from stress– learn how […]

How You Can Use Prayer Can as Your Portable Power Source

powerful prayer

In this busy world, people seldom have the time to learn the meaning of a powerful prayer. It is not that you do not know how to pray, it is just that you often get distracted by the demands of your work and your family. As you follow the same vicious cycle day by day, […]

The Power of Prayer: How It Can Help Your Business Grow

prayer benefits

Many people have been taught how to pray as children. To most adults, prayer can be done at home but rarely at work. However, prayer benefits actually promote discipline and focus – two traits that are highly relevant to your daily performance at work or in business. Regardless of your religion, you can practice prayer benefits […]

5 Principles of Success that You Can Find in the Bible

Business prayer principles

Learning how to pray does not necessarily mean that you are going to be a religious fanatic. Faith also teaches you a variety of characteristics that can push you towards success. This includes mental stamina, fortitude, grit, fearlessness, resoluteness, determination, and willpower. With that, business prayer principles are not only a wish but also a call […]

The Importance of Faith in the Success of Your Business

success prayer

One never gets enough of business advice. Ambition, problem-solving skills, and creativity – these are just some traits an entrepreneur must have. Aside from listening to business gurus, many also find themselves relying on a success prayer for business. It is a given that learning how to pray as an entrepreneur has its perks. Naturally, the business […]

Prayer and Other Strategies to Improve Your Self Control

Self-Control Prayer

In the world of business, there are many things that can go out of your control– market competition, demand, customer engagement, profit, loss, and others. If there is one thing you have full control of, it is yourself. That is why a self-control prayer can come in handy. This is especially true in terms of […]

Here’s How Becoming a Leader Can Increase Your Spiritual Growth

leadership prayers

When we talk about leadership and spirituality in conjunction with each other, we think of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, etc. However, this can also extend to military leaders managing their troops and CEOs supervising their businesses. In fact, you don’t have to be a leader of a church to be a spiritual leader. So what […]

7 Reasons to Start a Mindfulness Training in Your Business

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness training means paying attention and being fully present in the situation you are currently in. Mindfulness meditation, on the other hand, builds a mental space between your thoughts and how you react to these thoughts. One of the simplest and easiest ways to practice mindfulness meditation is by focusing your attention on your breathing. […]

How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Day at Work

Practice Mindfulness

Being a working adult, it is unavoidable to get easily distracted. According to studies, most people spend 47% of their waking hours thinking about something else aside from what they are doing. When working, this mind-wandering can lead to underperforming tasks. This is why the need to practice mindfulness is more accentuated than ever before.  […]

10 Easy Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do in the Office

mindfulness exercises

Nowadays, the mind is continually undergoing through a lot of work, making people feel more emotional, stressed and at times aghast. Daily, workers have to spend eight hours or more dealing with emails, the boss’s requests, and even the clients’ demands. Due to this, many employees feel harassed and haggard. In such cases, it is […]