Top 6 Successful Businessmen Who Do Yoga

Yoga Qualities

Many successful entrepreneurs acknowledge yoga as a powerful tool for physical and mental strength. All of these are essential to becoming an efficient and effective businessman. Yoga qualities play a key role in the daily business planning and decision-making process.

Entrepreneurs who meditate acknowledge that yoga for success is effective. Yoga helps entrepreneurs gain improved mental clarity and stay calm while under pressure. This ancient art also helps enhance one’s physical strength and energy.

Below is a list of successful businessmen who found a link between meditation and success:

  • Daniel Loeb (Founder & Chief Executive of Third Point, LLC)

Daniel Loeb is a hedge fund manager, American investor, and a philanthropist. Furthermore, he is the founder and the CEO of Third Point, a hedge fund based in New York City. Interestingly, the businessman likes reorganizing companies in different industries and countries. In 2014, Loeb was recognized as “one of the most successful activists”.

Moreover, Loeb regularly practices Ashtanga Yoga. Additionally, he states that yoga qualities are countless. Specifically, he praises yoga for its ability to relax his mind from chaos. He says yoga helps in challenging and uncomfortable situations a lot. 

  • Russell Simmons (Co-Founder Def Jam, Founder Phat Farm)

Russell Simmons is an American businessman, a record producer, and an author. He co-founded a hip-hop music label, Def Jam Recordings. Furthermore, he founded Phat Farm, a clothing fashion line. Today, he has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

Surprisingly, Simmons started practicing yoga twenty years ago. He credits yoga for both its ability and benefits. Through yoga, he actually increases his focus, creativity and business venturing. In fact, he opened a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that offers hot yoga classes, top-notch amenities, and meditation sessions. 

  • Sergey Brin (Co-Founder, GOOGLE, Inc.)

Sergey Brin is an American computer scientist, who co-founded one of the most profitable businesses today. Yes, it’s Google. He is also the President of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. In fact, Brin was 6th on Forbes’ list of World’s Richest Tech Billionaires in 2018. His estimated net worth is around $47.5 billion.

Just like the others, Brin finds enthusiasm for yoga and acknowledges it as effective.

  • Marc Benioff (Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Salesforce)

Marc Benioff is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Salesforce, a cloud computing software firm established in 1999. As you know, Salesforce is a pioneer in its software’s online hosting. However, it does not have it installed on their clients’ computer system. Benioff is also considered an angel investor in a number of tech startups. Moreover, he is a known prolific philanthropist. Aside from this, he owns two San Francisco mansions and a sprawling Hawaii estate.

His yoga journey to success

Initially, he began practicing meditation even before he founded Salesforce. His journey actually began when he was serving as the Vice President of Oracle. In a tech conference in Utah, Benioff talked about the importance of meditation. There, he addressed business leaders and CEOs. He advised attending entrepreneurs to “clear your mind and make room for new ideas.” Surprisingly, it worked for everyone. 

  • Padmasree Warrior (Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Cisco Systems)

Padmasree Warrior is the Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of Cisco Systems. He is also the former CTO of the American multinational telecommunications company, Motorola. At present, she is also the CEO of NIO U.S. She landed the list of Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women in the world.

Additionally, Warrior says her nightly meditation practice is one of the keys to success. Every night, she sits and relaxes. Basically, she empties her head for 20 minutes. in such way, Warrior lets go of all the day’s stress and activities. Warrior also unplugs for a “digital detox” every Saturday. Yes, she also enjoys activities such as cooking, poetry, painting, and community involvement.

  • Jeff Weiner (CEO, LinkedIn)

Jeff Weiner is an American businessman who is the CEO of LinkedIn, a business and employment-related service. Prior to his role in LinkedIn, he served as an executive at Yahoo. The American entrepreneur currently has a net worth of $160 million.

Weiner takes time from his busy schedule and meditates. As he says, this allows his mind to “just think”. He assures that this habit helps develop both empathy and compassion. Also, yoga helped him improve his leadership skills in the workplace. Thereafter, during a Wisdom 2.0 Conference, Weiner shared how important business meditation is.

Yoga Qualities: Final Thoughts

Aside from entrepreneurs, celebrities who do yoga are also popular. Actually, all of them confirm that yoga is an important tool for success. Therefore, yoga qualities are truly abundant. Thus, it is no wonder why people practice this art in the first place. Furthermore, you can easily understand why others are inspired to do it, too. If you want to become successful, you can start your yoga journey today. Also, you can meditate from the comfort of your own home, and see how this helps you business-wise.

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